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Say YES To The Now

What if…you simply just decided to BE?

Does it really have to be that difficult?

Are we making everything just way too complex?

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I often wonder about the simplicity of just being. Ever since I was little, finding the simplest way has always been my style, much to the criticism and angst of teachers, my parents in some cases and in later times, some of my coaches.

The ‘classroom’ of personal development has had me as a student for quite sometime now, figuring out, or trying to, why my happiness seemed so elusive.

But what if…it wasnt that difficult.

What if…one could simply BE happy?

What if…one could drop all of the BS of the mind and just BE presence?

I have discovered that it is indeed possible and everyone CAN do it, can BE and in fact it can be done right now, in this very moment.

Logic has no place here. Thinking has no place here. Analysing has no place here and listening to the mind’s voice definitely has no place in this freedom of spirit and BEing.

How is it possible to simply just be happy? Its a choice. Its a choice. Its a choice. Yes…its YOUR choice.

Imagine for a moment that you are at that place in life before you had any labels. Before you had any stories of yourself. Before you had any of those nagging voices that distract you from your truth.

What would there be?

There would simply be your presence. As is. Perfect. Happy. Joy. BEing the experiencer of the moment. Ahhhh, what a Divine place this is. And natural for each and every one of us.

We have just been bombarded with voices talking us out of it. A mind that goes into panic mode whenever we question thought. A society imitating a panicked mind and also talking us out of what we know, in our hearts, to be true. An ego mind that tells us we should be feeling dfferent to how we are right now, in this moment.

You know, good or bad, positive or negative, black or white, life is total contrast and if we can accept that, in each and every moment, then the contrast is beautiful yes? Acceptance rather than resistance to the contrast will mean the next moment may look different, and your experience will be different. Resistance to anything will keep it hanging around and it is only our thoughts, that are not always true, that are inviting us to resist. We do not have to accept!

Here is what I have come to also realize…the years and years of personal development that I have chosen in my life, to find that happiness, to find that love, to find myself….there is no looking, there is no need for searching. Once the resistance in each moment is gone, then we can know the truth that there is absolutely nothing missing.

We are enough. We only need be, here, now. We are love. We are happiness. We are joy.

We do not need to find it for it is in us always.

We do not need to learn it for it is our natural presence.

We just have to make the decision. We must remember that we are the experiencer, we can choose how to act in this play we are in and we get to choose how we feel. We even get to choose the play. Yes. Its a choice.

How did I finally just let go and BE? I made the choice. I decided there were too many voices, inner and outer,  giving me conflict. I decided to question every thought and only believe the ones that were Love. I simply just decided to be my truth.

Whatever it is we are holding on to that is preventing us from joy, we can let it go, now.

And if we cannot let it go, then we must ask ourselves how it is serving us? If we were not getting a benefit from it we would not require it and could let go.

This I also discovered after many years of the same feelings and circumstances appearing in my reality, or being my reality. Once I asked myself, and I was honest with myself about listening to the answer and truly changing my reality, I was able to change my situation almost immediately. As soon as I realized HOW I was benefiting from the things I refused to let go (or actually thought I couldn’t!), I was free.

Jeff Foster, of  Life Without A Centre, says:

All your problems are just thoughts, and thoughts are not a problem.

Saying yes to the now. It’s a mind shift. Its a letting go of logic, of that ego voice that argues with our innate knowing and inner truth. Its freedom. Its love. It Being you. Its coming home.

I see the magnificence in you.

Be love, be you.

Love xo

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