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We Are Not Broken, We Are Not Flawed.

Imagine this…

A new born baby, in all its miraculous perfection. You look at this beautiful baby and all you feel is love. A glow of new energy emanates from this child and you cannot tear your eyes away from the magnificence you see before you.

Broken? Flawed?

I think not!

And even if the baby is born with some disability or problem, we still see this little baby as a perfect human being and can feel the magnificent love flowing.

So why is it, that although we all begin this human life so beautifully, knowing we are whole, perfect and complete, that we can become so mislead and unloving about ourselves, who we are and what we deserve in this life?

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For many of us humans, when we get to a certain age, we start to wonder about life, who we really are and we end up on a path, or journey, BACK to the remembrance of who we really DO KNOW we are, like we did when we were a baby and infant.

We peel back the layers, explore the inner depths of us, investigate and identify all the stories we have about ourselves and basically just keep peeling the onion.

Here is what I discovered a few years ago…I am not an onion and I am sick of staying in the activity of peeling the layers!

I believe that the continual exploration of what might be the cause of our current story actually keeps us in that story and to be doing this, in my opinion, keeps me in the ‘I am flawed, I am broken’ state of mind.

It’s the law of attraction isn’t it?

What we think about will come about and after so many years of getting the same thing, staying in the same story and asking myself why…it came to me that because I was always focused on the story, I stayed in the story.

For so many of us, years and years of looking deeply inside have not really got us much further along. What we do doesn’t work so we then move on to another method, another formula, another program another way to do the inner work, peel that onion!

Here’s the thing though, we are STILL that magnificent, worthy, beautiful and abundant soul that we were as a baby, we have just been told so many times that we are not, that we forget.

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I have realized that the best work I can be doing for myself, and teaching others, is the work of self love. Being with the truth of – we are not flawed or broken.

To love ourselves is the piece in the puzzle that we have lost, or mislaid, or put aside.

To love ourselves, as a baby loves themselves, their WHOLE self, is the mission here on this planet and the experiences we have ALL bring us to that.

The good ones and the bad ones. The contrast is actually what shows us the truth of ourselves. The experience, whatever it is for us right now, is always bringing us home…to love.

So why is there so many words out there in our world that make us believe we are broken, that we are flawed in some way, that we are not good enough, that we can do better, that we can be better?

I don’t know about you but I used to believe it all.

All the lies that we get told by this society, by people that love us but don’t know any better, by the media, by life itself.

I too have told these lies to the ones I love.

Comparing ourselves to others, trying to control what another person is or does, thinking what we feel is what everyone should feel and therefore denying others the love of themselves, the way they are.

Yes we may feel broken sometimes. Life has a way of breaking us to build us up.

Yes we may feel flawed sometimes. Lifes contrasts will often do that but each time our self love is strengthened by the experience.

But the essence of who we are is never broken, is never flawed. We are pure love energy, here as a human and while we are experiencing life in the physical, we will experience contrasts (which is how we expand and create). If we can explore how we are feeling about these contrasts and accept the divine wisdom of the Universe for bringing it to us, and know that it is simply a choice we have right now, a mirror to see what we are attracting through our thoughts, a sign of the vibration we currently hold, rather than a flaw or brokenness that we are as a person and soul, then any of the inner, subconscious programs or beliefs we hold can come to the surface and dissolve. This keeps us in a loving vibration rather than in the lower vibrations of ‘being in the problem’.

Can you feel the difference here?

Yes, we have issues and subconscious beliefs that keep us stuck and in confusion and in limbo but if we stay with those, focusing on them, rather than them disappearing we will attract more external reality to support them.

What if we focused on the uniqueness of who we are. The beauty and magnificence of us as a human and the miracle of us. The love energy that flows through us and the inner knowing that the reality we see with our human eyes is simply a story board, or a movie, of what we are thinking and feeling. Consciously and subconsciously.

What if, we simply just accepted that we are magnificent, perfect, unflawed and unbroken, loving kind and abundant beings? What if we just remembered that truth? Just like we knew it at birth?

What if, we knew this so strongly, just like we know the sun will be in the sky every day?

With that as our dominating thought and feeling, no matter what life experiences we have, we can know at the core of us that they are not because we are flawed or broken in any way. They are simply the contrasts and the roller coaster of human life that we came here to experience and grow from.

So, here’s what I would encourage you to do today. On a piece of paper, write this down:

I am perfect, whole and complete. I love and accept myself right now, as I am, for who I am. I am loved, loving and lovable. Today, I will see this about me in everyone I meet.

Put this somewhere you will see it daily.

Let me know what changes for you after a week. The world you see around you will begin to look and feel different.

This human experience may break our spirit sometimes and it may bring to the fore many areas of expansion that we are asking for in our lives but at the core of us, we are never broken or flawed. We are beautifully perfect. Enjoy each moment. Don’t over complicate or over think. Just BE.

Big love.

Trish x

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