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Expressing Yourself

Expressing yourself in whatever way is possible for you right now is so important to your life energy, your self esteem and your soul. It actually also benefits all of those around you and all of life.

Did you realize that simply being yourself and expressing yourself, carries a powerful energy that changes the energy of everything? Same goes for all you feel, be, think, say and experience in this life. The energy of you is connected…to all.

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Panache Desai says it perfectly in his quote:

You, my beloved sweet friend, are single handedly evolving our entire planet and universe just by being you.

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Expression and communication is, for some of us,  a simple ask. We are naturally confident at expressing exactly what we are feeling or thinking.

For others it takes conscious practice and resolve.

There is also often a fear of being ‘our own beautiful light’ so we tend to be silent, rather than speaking up, and thereby keeping the status quo, while deep inside we are dying.

Another really important factor in self expression is having people around you that ‘get you’, that support you no matter if they have the same views as you, and people who want to actually know and are interested in your opinions and thoughts and therefore allow your expression to flow freely.

I have been fortunate in my life over the past few years to have these people in my life and in my journey of opening up to my truth and my self expression, it has been a vital element!

Social media has also been a fabulous way for people to speak their truth, connect with an audience that ‘gets it’ and begin to stand tall in their own skin. I know personally for me it has been a powerful tool in opening up my energy flow and finding my voice.

Especially in those times when we feel isolated or misunderstood, or are sick of the silence we trap ourselves in, or when we find ourselves around people that either don’t want to or wont allow us to have a voice. (by the way, once we become empowered and truly know we are creating everything and every moment beautifully and the Universe is adding Divine timing to the mix for our highest good, we do not give our power away and be in these situations for long, if ever, anymore)

If you are like me, and have found your voice and now have a zillion things to say, explore and teach, but do not have those supportive and likeminded people physically  in your life to have a fabulous conversation with as often as you would like, then you need to find other creative ways to show up and speak your truth.

Do it just because you can!

This was one of the main reasons I began this podcast series. It gives me an opportunity to have the conversation. The people who want to hear it or that will resonate with it will find it and connect (That is you btw…as you are listening now 😉 ). Its something that fills my soul with love, something that is easy for me to do and I do it for free just because I can. It makes me feel good.

In what ways do you express yourself?

Speaking? Writing? Painting? Photography? Leadership? There are many many ways to communicate.

These are all ways to speak or show your truth and to BE exactly who you are inside, in that beautiful spirit and love energy that flows in, around and through you.

And if you feel insecure or fearful of expressing exactly who you are right now (and Ive been there for a very long period of my life. It’s a silent prison that serves no one) then there are ways to begin, without feeling too out there and vulnerable, until you have more courage in this area.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Write your journal/personal diary. Its liberating
  • Draw, paint, sketch. This is a great way to express how you are feeling. I know when I began drawing mandalas, it was not through words on the page that I felt free and vulnerable, but through the energy of the colour, shapes and freedom of design in expressing how I was feeling right there, at that moment.
  • Write your own quotes of inspiration and place them where you cans see them. In your office, bedroom, bathroom, car, wallet.
  • Start a podcast like I have! Its free, its fun and it allows you to write and talk about what you are interested in, can teach others, are able to share with others and can really be liberating! AND, if you don’t want to go this far, then have a conversation with yourself and record it on your phone or computer and just keep it there for yourself.
  • Join likeminded people on social media, find some great groups where you are encouraged and applauded for expression.

Having the energy flowing beautifully and strongly in your Throat Chakra and your Sacral Chakra will also help with your creativity and expression.

Here are 2 free guided meditations you can use to assist in these energy portals.

Throat Chakra Meditation

Sacral Chakra Meditation

And to really empower the Chakras the I, Manifest: Chakra Candle Range is a great addition and tool too!

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So my message today in this conversation is to express yourself as well as you can, whenever you can and in whatever way you can. Find people you trust to open up to. Surround yourself with people who support you even if they don’t understand or agree with your views all of the time. Be You and be with as many people as possible that love that about you. Respect others for who they are and use your listening skills often.

This message you have come to share in this lifetime is being called forth right now, by the people who wish to hear it. Don’t be afraid. It is time. Find  a way. Feel the Love in you to know it is ok.


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