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The Energy Of Affirmations and why they will not always work successfully for you.

Affirmations are a powerful way to manifest and create the life you are choosing to live. They come highly recommended by most spiritual teachers as well as most coaches and mentors and can be an integral part of a self empowerment or self development course or program.

Affirmations can be used in numerous ways and the wording can be very diverse.

Some people swear by them.

Some don’t.

Today, in this discussion, I’d like to share my experience with affirmations as it may relate to you in some way and the ideas may even help you to become a more powerful manifester through affirmations and the way in which you are using and enjoying them to grow personally and professionally.

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I have always used beautiful and brilliant pieces of verse, quotes, poems etc in my life to lift and excite and motivate me but they were for the purpose of inspiration. I still use a lot of inspirational pieces in every day life. There are sayings, verses and quotes in my office, car and bedroom as well as my phone and phone alarms too! We are all very fortunate these days too with social media and the internet where we can constantly have inspiration and motivation in front of us to keep us flowing and strong.

But when it came to affirmations about my reality and how it would look and feel differently, affirmations were not working for me so well.

To me, an affirmation is a word or words, affirming something that is true. This could be something about our self, our life, our business, our relationship. Any part of our life that we wish to create a little differently ( or a lot differently!).

Words or statements that affirm a new reality, a new thought or new belief.

The affirmations I focused on where not working for me, were not changing anything and my reality was certainly not flowing in a new direction!

And I could not figure it out!

At first, my conclusion was that I was just not good enough to have affirmations work for me. They worked for others but not me! What was wrong with me that this apparently very easy and powerful technique would not resonate with me nor change anything about me or my life!

I then discovered a very important fact about our minds.

No matter what you are saying consciously to yourself, if your subconscious is saying something else, it will override your conscious words.

In other words, you can say whatever you like to yourself but if deep down you don’t believe it…then nothing changes.

A battle will erupt in your thoughts, which you will feel on a deep level but wont necessarily recognize.

For example, I distinctly remember one morning while walking when I was affirming to myself this particular sentence. It was a period in my life when I was working on my self worth and value so the affirmation was:

I am valuable

I am worthy

Now, as I was walking, and repeating this out loud and also silently, I began to cry. I didn’t feel worthy. I certainly didn’t feel valuable. Yet I was saying these words.

And because I knew affirmations were powerful I just kept going- I am valuable, I am valuable, I AM worthy, I AM worthy…through the tears.

So why was I having this reaction? No, it wasn’t a breakthrough, in fact it was a sign for me to stop saying that particular affirmation, in that word structure, until I believed it, even in some little way.

You see, financially at that time I was in a bad position and I had amazing products and services available that were not being seen as valuable (in other words they were not selling!) So my dominating thoughts were that I was not worthy or valuable.

Money was my measuring stick at that point, In a society that measures value in many cases on what we earn or what we have, I was at the bottom of the barrel.

I didn’t believe I was valuable. My external world was not reflecting that fact so part of me (source) that knows my inherent value was in battle with my ego thoughts that said- you are worthless right now.

The solution was to find something, an example, of where I WAS or had been valuable in the external world. And of course there were many!

So once I had written down all of the amazing ways I had either brought value to myself, others or the world, I could then, on a different level, totally believe the affirmation when I said it.

I am valuable

My subconscious and source energy knew this to be true and now, my ego self also knew it to be true because it was remembering the facts of where this had already been true.

Now, because I was no longer in battle with myself, the more I said this affirming statement, the more valuable I felt- so in other words, the affirmation was working!

I could have (and nearly did) give up though. I could  have stayed in the victim mindset and thought oh well, it may work for everyone else but obviously not for me. Im definitely not valuable.

It saddens me that this actually does happen to some people, which is my message today: keep going!

Whatever it is in life that you are affirming a change in, and whatever the words happen to be for you, keep going but if you can feel a battle going on inside you with any of the statements, sit down with yourself and write out where you have been, have had, are, or have done what you are affirming. Maybe not in the area or exact way you are affirming but you must find some way to stop the battle in your head and heart. Make it believable. Even if you have to change the wording a little to start off with.

Also, there are so many different types of affirmations that the choice is amazing and if one way does not work for you, try another, and another.

Affirming a new reality, really feeling it and believing it is the fastest (and only way really) to the change you are looking for in your life right now.

One of the blessings of what has happened to me in regards to affirmations is that I learnt a lot about what was going on for me internally, in my thoughts and sub conscious. I was able to clear the untruths and focus on the truth about who I am, and from that stand point I began growing and flowing so beautifully in love and life.

The energy of affirmations are powerful, but so is the energy of the underlying thoughts and beliefs we have within us that often we don’t even know about.

Here are my final tips on affirmations:

  • Keep them simple
  • Keep them real
  • Keep them believable
  • Personally I like short ones that are to the point but if you prefer longer ones, make sure they are worded well so that the emphasis is on the exact words that will make the biggest difference.
  • If you come across an affirmation that creates a battle internally, it’s a great opportunity to explore that area or belief, to dissolve it and move on.
  • Affirmations are great and easy to remember if you can make them into a mantra for the day. Add music or just sing it in your own head- like one of those songs you hear on the radio that you cannot get out of your head!

Affirmations have powerful energy. Use them daily. Manifest the life you are choosing in every moment.

Id like to also share 2 powerful affirmations with you before we finish.

The first one from Louise Hay:

I Love and Accept myself exactly as I am, right now.

The second one is one of mine:

I am so thankful and grateful for everything in my life right now.


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