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I’ll Have What She’s Having!

Have you ever been around someone who was just beaming from the inside? Someone who was radiating Light and Love and was just a total pleasure to be around? Someone who made your day feel better, made you feel a whole lot better just by being in their energy for a few moments?

I have.

And recently, Im excited to say that this person has also been me!

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Today, I received a comment: I’ll have what she’s having!

I was so happy. Ive come a long way and to be that person now, well, I cant express to you how much it touched me.

I remember years ago, when I began my journey to my passion of inspiring others to live from their hearts and from their souls, the people I followed and knew as coaches and mentors had this Light about them. They radiated happiness so beautifully that I was drawn to them like a moth to a light.

I also remember thinking that they must have always been like this. That this was also the reason they had abundance, prosperity and love in all areas of their lives! No wonder they were so happy!

Later I found out that it was the opposite.

They, like me and many others, had to walk the path, had to have the experiences, had to have the lessons. Then, and in Divine timing and order, we all realized that to be happy first is the key to all the other success. To be the beaming ray of light that makes others feel good to be around, is a state of mind that when achieved, will THEN see the reality around change and allow abundance, love and prosperity to flow.

The happiness in the faces of others was not because of the abundance.

The abundance was because of the happiness.

BIG difference and a big turning point for me when I got it!

So I guess the question is: Why are there so many people on this planet that admire this happiness in others but don’t think they can have it in their own lives?

I used to be one of them.

The reason, I believe, is that we often don’t feel good enough about ourselves, don’t feel worthy enough, don’t value ourselves enough.

We don’t feel we deserve to be happy.

The people who see me as happy and shining could also be happy and shining. Yes, it takes some work and the work is not easy. When we work on yourselves it is never easy but the rewards of breaking down the fears and old beliefs, to emerge as a beautiful Being of Light, Love and happiness are so worth all the pain of facing and releasing the old.

I’ll have what she’s having.

Often people only see the surface too and may think that the happy person is like that naturally. Well, we are ALL happy naturally, just like we were as babies and toddlers, before the physical world and being a human gave us the false idea we didn’t deserve to be happy. That we weren’t Love. That we weren’t Light.

SO the journey in fact is to remember who we are. The essence, the energy, of the Light within us all. That is what I am here to teach, and has been my journey to now.

What is the energy you are showing up with every day?

You know, the energy we emit affects everyone around us and beyond. We are all connected and our energies affect everyone in some way.

Begin to be mindful of how you are showing up. You don’t necessarily have to be the girl they say – Ill have what she’s having’ about but you can bring light, fun, happiness and harmony to every situation I your own way. You will thank yourself for it because you will begin to see it returned in so many ways you would never expect. The people and environment around you will thank you for it because they will feel amazing

Ill have what she’s having.

More and more of these people are showing up now in my reality. This is how I know I am radiating Light. We receive what we give out.

Energy is so important.

My final message on all of this is:

Be kind to yourself, be kind to others and be aware of how you show up and with what energy. It makes a huge difference!

AND YOU CAN be the person that brings the Light and Love.

Abundance in all areas of your life will follow.

Much love to you

Trish x

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