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Your Life, Your Story

Last week I wrote a blog about how we all have a story. The story of our life.

This story that we tell ourselves and others, is what shapes our reality. It is what moulds the future.

Often when we look at our lives we can think no way! I did not bring THIS situation in. I did not ask for this!

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But the Truth is, we create everything about our lives.

And the most exciting truth here is that we can also CHANGE anything about our lives, by choosing to create the change.

For most of my life  I have been ignorant to this. A non believer. Totally in ego. Asleep as a spiritual being. Even though I was highly intuitive in some areas, I still believed my life was the way it was because of the people around me. The blame was huge!

NOW, I know it to be true that the people and situations around me where there because I CREATED THEM!

My thoughts, my words, my actions, my beliefs, my patterns…all came together to create the exact life I was living at that time but because I was not taking responsibility for all of it, I was resisting it, I was ignoring the messages from the Universe…it just stayed the same, or got worse!

Resistance creates more of the same…

This statement always confused me until one day I stopped resisting…and my life began to change.

So, lets address 2 things here today.

  1. Creating change through our choices
  2. Learning how to stop resisting the changes

This is such a huge topic and we will only be brushing the surface here but if you are ready for, and wanting change, this will help get you started. And if you have changed a few things in your life and the resistance is creeping back in, this will also help with that.

The choices you are currently making in life are showing up as your life. If you are experiencing financial issues, relationship issues, career issues, health issues or anything that is the opposite of what you really want, this is a choice you are making somewhere in your consciousness, subconscious, with the words you speak, the thoughts you have, the old patterns and beliefs that keep repeating.

What we focus on grows.

For example, lets look at something that I changed totally in my life recently. My finance story.

My old story was that I was always struggling, that money came in and then went out, that whenever I got ahead, something would happen and take that money, that I wasn’t good enough in business to earn what I wanted, and the list went on and on. My story went on and on.

This is the chatter that went on in my head, constantly!

THIS is the CHOICE I was making about my life. THIS conversation, these beliefs, this mindset, was actually keeping my life the same.

Here’s the tricky bit. The conversation I was having, and the beliefs I held were actually what my reality was looking and feeling like.

I think this is the hardest bit to get, but when we do..wow…everything changes!

By repeating and believing what is actually in your reality RIGHT NOW will keep it going. If your reality is exactly what you want and desire then this is fabulous news!

If it is not…then the frustration levels will be rising!

So, do we need to say positive statements to change things? Statements such as:

  • I am now rich
  • I now have xxx dollars in the bank
  • I now have 5 new clients this week
  • I now have more than enough money coming in
  • I feel like a millionaire!

I tried this in the beginning and it just made me feel even more frustrated! I really didn’t believe them, that was the problem. So if you are saying positive words to yourself right now and you are believing them thats great! Stay with it.

For me, I had to start to feel worthy enough to receive more financial success. So that is where I started, but my story had to change, that’s for sure!

I turned this particular story of lack in my life around by remembering how abundant I was already.

I stopped focusing on money (or the lack of it) and started thinking, acting, talking and believing from the perspective (and Truth by the way) of the abundance I already had in my life – my family, my friends, my skills and talents, the achievements I had already celebrated in life, the nature I saw daily, the birds that sang to me in the afternoon, my dogs, my health etc etc.

My NEW story was about how many wonderful things were in my life and how grateful I was for them.

I stopped with the old story- of lack. And even though my reality still looked like that, I spoke and lived and felt from the new story. It was a disciplined effort, but after a while became easy, it just flowed as if it were true after a while…and then my reality reflected the truth of it.

Here is something I want you to know, really know, in your cells!

The reality you see today, is due to the words, thoughts and beliefs of yesterday. When I say yesterday – I mean the past.

When you look at your life right now, and you are not happy with parts of it, remember that what you think today matters. What you think feel and believe TODAY matters in making the changes you desire tomorrow.

By remembering that today, was created by yesterdays beliefs, we can easily laugh and say ha!, Im so glad that this is not my reality anymore! And know that it is true because yesterday your choices became different.

Be vigilant with your thoughts, be vigilant with your words. Do whatever you need to do to keep the faith in the new, and lose the belief of the old. Meditate, affirm, read, get a mentor, fill your life with the thoughts, people and images of your new reality.

And remember, today when you experience any part of your old reality, just smile and think to yourself how fortunate you are that this is not real for you anymore…then let your mind wander to the new choice you have made for your life.

I know it is possible to change the way our life looks. I have done it. Not only in the area of finance but in all other areas too. Im still working on a few but I can see glimpses of the new reality showing through each day.

It’s the choices we make on a daily basis. The choices on how our life will look or does look. It’s the choice as to whether or not we believe what we see right now is reflecting our new thoughts. It’s the choice to have a different story emerging from our minds, hearts and voice.

Its our life, our choice, our reality- the way we choose to see and feel and experience it, right now.

Love x

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