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Self Love

How do YOU love yourself?

DO you love yourself?

Do you know you ARE love?

So few of us in this lifetime really Love who we are.

But there was a time we all did…when we were born. Yes, those first few years of life, before we were told, or heard, or saw otherwise, we totally loved who we were because we remembered we were Love energy, Love essence, God energy, whatever you wish to called that which creates us.

Its when we start to believe all the lies to the contrary that we lose that Love of ALL we are.

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We live in a world where everyone is comparing, where we are all thinking we are not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not tall enough not enough, not enough…

Turning off all media is a good start for us to stop the comparisons and to stop the brainwashing that goes on with marketing companies, who while wanting to sell products or services, inadvertently also sell the idea that we have to be MORE, or HAVE more to be worthy.

Until we can actually step out of that way of thinking, many of us remain oblivious…and unfortunately remain in a state of feeling unloved because they are not enough.

Self love is also seen as selfish by many people and I think this can be explained this way: The people who see us moving in a better direction of loving ourselves, putting ourselves first, saying no to those things we don’t want in our lives, become very insecure that they wont matter anymore, or that they will be left behind, or that they are not good enough to think this way…and they will try to keep you where you are. SO the fear in them attempts to bring you down, to instill fear into YOU about what or who you are becoming.

Its fabulous to see lately though that with the changing planetary energies, more and more of us fabulous souls, here to experience life here as a human, are choosing to see, experience and feel the Love that we all are.

Choosing to Love our self, is the most self less act we could adopt! Why? Loving our self not only allows us to shine a brighter Light and send more Love out to the world, but also shows others that THEY can do it too and that THEY are also worthy and deserving of everything they desire!

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You know, no matter what you do, there will be people around who will judge. That’s just life right now. So, why not just go ahead and BE the best self ever that you could possibly be?

Do whats right for you, not what is right for someone else, or for everyone else. Do whats right for you no matter how fearful others are of that. Do whats right for you no matter how fearful you are of that.

Where do we start with self love??

Well, gratitude and appreciation are a good place to begin.

Appreciating everything about yourself and being in a state of gratitude for being here, in this lifetime, for this experience. Just the fact that you are here means you are worthy of everything you desire and everything the Universe has to offer. Once we can really get that….the state of constant gratitude, love and appreciation for ourselves alone will bring us so much abundance. Add gratitude and appreciation and Love for all others too and wow, the whole Universe will open its arms for you.

And by the way, by loving ourselves we automatically love all, and by Loving all others we are automatically loving our self.

The energy of Being a part of the whole, means that how we treat others, is how we also treat ourselves because the other is us.

Things really do change, sometimes before our eyes, when we begin to truly Love all that we are.

This is a change that is already happening in our world here on Earth and I would like to personally do something to shift people perception of themselves if I could.

I have started a community where we can all appreciate who we are and collectively change help change the energy back to Love, for all of us.

The idea came to me when I realized how many people take images of themselves, otherwise called Selfies! This is a great way to stand tall in who we are as individuals and Love everything about ourselves! Letting others know how they too could do something loving for themselves, or see themselves as perfect just as they are, or to just appreciate that this community will not judge them for Loving who they are.

To start this community, I have created a Facebook page called Self Love Selfies.Self Love Selfies fb pic

Here, I am inviting people to post their selfies of all the ways they show self love. This could be a new hairdo, a date with themselves somewhere, a night out to the movies, A great meal, a walk in nature, reading a book, taking time out to meditate,, whatever it is that we do because we deserve it!

An example from my life would be that once upon a time I would not have spent money to go out anywhere on a date with myself. I didn’t feel worthy. The money was better spent on other things. But now that I know I am totally deserving, every now and then I WILL go out on a date with myself because I love it when I do and I feel so grateful that I can! And its not about the amount of money I spend either. It could be an icecream by the lake! Or a beautiful meal out somewhere.

Treating ourselves the way we want others to treat us is also a part of Loving ourselves and feeling worthy. It has to come from us first, and then others will also show us Love. What we feel and believe on the inside, will show on the outside!

So, please join us in the Self Love Selfie community and show us how YOU show appreciation, gratitude and Love towards yourself. What do you Love about yourself today? What are you grateful for today? Why are you shining today?

Head over to the page at Self Love Selfies or use the link here if you are on the website.

I look forward to you joining us. I cant wait to see how you show your Love for yourself daily!

Keep Loving and shining your light

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