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A Conversation With God Source

Many years ago, when the book by Neale Donald Walsch was released called Conversations With God, I wondered…could we all do this? Could we all have this conversation? Can we all hear the messages from source, that are guiding us, that are answering all of our questions?

I now realize that the answer is a big YES!

We ALL have the ability to do this.

We ALL have the skills to hear the answers we seek.

But until we REMEMBER this, we will not hear.

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Messages come in all different forms. The answers to our questions are delivered to us in the best way, for the best understanding by us at the time.

For me, the messages have always been a loud inner voice. I didn’t trust that voice however,  so over the past few years I have specifically been seeing signs and have been guided to other ways that spirit is communicating with me. These are usually through number combinations, feathers, rainbows, songs, words or people that just show up as soon as I have a question or concern in my head about a course of action I am about to take or want to take.

Somehow, I trust these things (while many others wouldn’t!) and they have been a source of comfort and communication with God source for me. We all have our own signs we trust.

But the conversation, like talking to a person in the room, this is possible for all of us too and I believe happens all the time but we are not trusting enough of it, or deliberately block it out, thinking it is just our little critic on the shoulder!

The difference is easy to to determine.

The critic will be criticizing and will be talking to you from fear. The God source voice will be talking from a space of love.

I had a lovely conversation just last night, and it was beautiful. I trusted, and it just flowed. I asked the questions, I got the answers. Some questions were out loud, others in my mind. It makes no difference really but do whatever suits you.

Have you had a conversation like this before? Why not try now? Believe me, the answers will come, but often they are so silent we cannot hear OR they seem so simple we don’t trust them. Remember, our past patterns along with our ego voice will try to drown out the truth.


If a conversation like this doesn’t work for you right now, there are also other really great ways to get a conversation started that you may like to try to.

I have been taught these two wonderful tools in the many workshops that I have attended over the years and while it is awkward at first, it can be very revealing as you proceed deeper with it.

What you need to do is get yourself a piece of paper, or a notebook- as you may need more than one page for this!

Now, have two different coloured pens/pencils or whatever it is you want to use to write. Some people like gel pens.

First technique:

With one colour pen or pencil, write a question you have to ask. It could be about anything for example a question regarding an action you need to take and aren’t sure about it, or a crossroads you are at right now and are looking for direction. It could be a question about your personal life, your job, your career. Anything that feels out of alignment for you right now that you desire to change or be at ease with.

Write the question, then change colours and write the answer. Underneath it.

It will feel a bit clunky and awkward at first. And the answer may be ‘I don’t know’. That’s ok. Keep going, ask the question again in the original colour, and eventually something else will come from the pen. Trust it.

Once an answer comes, the next question would then be a follow on or a question about the answer. Once again, the answer may be ‘I don’t know” but keep going, trust, and stay with the process.

The question in one colour. The answer underneath in the other colour.

The first time I did this exercise I think it went for over 5 pages! But over the course of a few pages, the answers where making sense to me.

It is a great way to converse with the voice of Love, your God source, your Truth.

The second method is similar but you will be alternating hands.

So, still have the 2 different coloured pens or pencils handy and what I want you to do this time is to ask a question, then, swap colours AND swap pens/pencils to the other hand. Write the answer.

By  using your weaker hand to write the answer, 2 things will happen. Firstly, you will be so focused on making the shape of the letters that the little voice of the critic on your shoulder will not be heard!

The second thing that will happen is that because you are using the opposite side of your brain, you will step out of the normal ego patterns and behavior that is keeping you blocked in hearing the answer and even though writing the answer will be challenging, the words you write may astound you.

In both of these exercises, remember that the answer is not coming from your mind. It is coming from your heart. The conversation is real. It is something you can Trust. If you can let go of any criticism (which is usually due to lack of self love or because you are always beating yourself up) and just let it flow, you will be very amazed at how it will all make so much sense!

I tend to channel answers quite easily through writing. Many of the quotes and sayings I use in sic==ocila media are channeled and are actually answers to my questions. Now that I trust in them and have faith in the love behind the words, I also know that there are others who seek these answers, which is why I share them.

As I said at the beginning, we all have different ways of seeing or hearing our answers and perhaps for you right at this moment that way is through words you may just happen to see on screen while you are on social media.

We are all connected and in the bigger scheme of things, we are all messengers for each other.

So, a conversation with God source? It’s a beautiful thing, it’s a natural thing, it’s a skill we all have inherently in us, it’s the answer to everything we seek, in the moment of now. Remember. Remember who you are. Remember the love you are. Connect into that, into your heart space, into your Truth. Your questions will never be unanswered.

Let me know how you go with these tools! Comment below or head on over to the facebook page at Trish Rock, Energy Intuitive, Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher and make a comment!

I would love to hear your experiences and how you converse with Love energy, God source, inner knowing. Whatever you choose to call it. It’s a conversation with your Truth.

Relax, trust.

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