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Declare It To The Universe!

In the process of changing my entire life over the past 5 years, I have been told many times:

…Trish, for the universe to really know you are serious in this life about where you want to go and who you wish to be, you HAVE TO DECLARE IT.

I thought I had gotten that concept…

I thought I had…

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But still, the changes were not showing up in reality for me. Or if they were, it was painstakingly slow! Especially for an impatient person like me. Side note: Big lesson here in patience lol

Then I kept reading it everywhere : Declare your intentions to the Universe and they will all come rushing to you!

Believe it and you will see it.

I thought I had it figured out! But just recently things began to appear a lot faster and with a whole different level of ease.

I asked myself why this was? What had I done differently? What was it that had shifted the power behind the declaration of my wishes and intentions? How could I show others to speed up the process too?

Here’s the answer.

Not only did I declare what I wanted, have the feeling behind it, visualize and trust that I was already there BUT I ALSO made space for it.

This is a big key.

About 8 months ago, I actively sought the modality I knew I needed, to move my energy intuitive business forward. Id been keeping open to anything and while there are a lot of tools and modalities out there, and they work effectively, they didn’t resonate with me to use in my practice and with others.

So, I declared it! I then took action.

An amazing and easily flowing series of events then took place.

I had a coaching session (just out of the blue) with a beautiful friend of mine who equipped me with a powerful tapping process.

My trust that Divine Consciousness would deliver this modality to me was set.

I totally (out of the blue again) stumbled upon a meditation group.

I attended a few days later and within the first 5 minutes of being there, I discovered the modality that was resonating with me. I then proceeded to learn it.

It was done. Delivered.

Also, while I was learning this modality, I changed my email signature and titles on social media to include this new modality- before it was complete. Why? Because in my mind it was already a reality.

THIS is how powerful declaring a new reality can be. How the manifesting process works. How we can easily just work as a team or in partnership with the universal energies and laws to simply allow what we want to flow to us. Just like that.

There are no mistakes.

If what you want is not coming to you, there is something in the process that is blocking the flow.

For me, I think I have been through the whole process to discover the blocks!

  • Trust
  • Belief
  • The declaration
  • Taking the action
  • Being clear
  • Being fully in the present so as to see all the ‘next steps’


You name it, Ive been blocked! So the action we often need to take in all of this is to actually find the blocks.

Before this month, Ive declared things, with intent, with trust, with belief…but this is one of the elements that has been missing from the equation:

Clearing a space

Its similar to when we declutter our homes, or a room, or a cupboard or even just the pantry! Once there is space- we always manage to fill it again quite easily!

And decluttering the home, as well as the mind, are 2 whole other topics that we will have a conversation about soon because the energy of clearing space is powerful.

So, in the past I did not always clear the space for my manifestations to be able to appear. And I have also declared things to the Universe but have not taken any action towards it.

Our desires, dreams, hopes and visions wont just flow in to our reality….unless the blocks are cleared. But when the path is clear…wow…it seems that everything shows up like magic!

Its funny, Ive never really been one to stick to rules or formulas. Even cooking a cake I tend to do my own thing! Of course in life, and business, there are certain activities that work a WHOLE lot better with a formula and a method. Including cooking a cake and following a recipe!

Manifesting and receiving your desires is one of them. But the formula is pretty easy.

  • Declare what you want or desire
  • KNOW it to be true immediately – make it a reality already in some way, like I did with my email signature.
  • Be aware and open to all messages and opportunities that come your way every moment. Even if they seem silly or irrelevant. The Universe is way more clever than we could ever hope to be!
  • TAKE ACTION- This is the big thing. You must take action or your declaration is just a hope. Not a fact.
  • If what you are desiring is already a fact, then you would ALREADY be that person who is/has that desire. SO the actions you take must come from that position. For example once again- my email signature.

This has taken me such a long time to totally grasp. Ive had bits of it, and seen bits of progress. My declarations to the Universe on many matters have succeeded to a certain extent but in most cases have been long and clunky. This is how I thought it was, to manifest. But now…well..an easy flow of abundance and desires is a far more exciting way to live!

Are you having any blocks with your manifesting? Try these ideas and Im happy to help you further if you feel drawn. Simply contact me at trish@trishrock.com and if you are on the website there will be a link you can follow.

Happy declaring and easy manifesting this week!

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