It was as if I was viewing and hearing myself from the other side of the room. An out of body experience…seeing this person I hadnt seen before…not for a long time…

I have always been a rule breaker of sorts. It didnt feel like that, ever! It just felt like I needed to do things a different way. A way that ultimately was actually easier!

From questioning my maths teachers at an early age about why I had to solve a problem the way they were teaching (when it was totally obvious there was a less complicated way!) to other areas in life that just seem, well, that they could be done differently, more easily, with more flow.Trish Rock

Having my own businesses since the age of 24 has helped here. I get to do things the way I choose. Well…I did…

I’m not sure what happened over the past 4 years but as soon as I decided to change my business direction, I started to believe everyone elses ‘story’ again AND their rules. I think it was because of the total change to what I am doing, I felt I had to follow along to ‘get it right’. And to a certain extent, yes, I did and have been. I needed to know ‘how to’ so I could then decide for myself the ‘how to’ and the rules I was going to follow.

Up until the other day I was still feeling very out of sorts with a few areas though. THEN that all changed…in one bold statement.

In a conversation I was having with a business associate , the strangest thing happened. All of a sudden I became the ‘boss’ of what was going to come to pass in my business.  We were having a discussion on marketing and new leads (have been feeling very out of alignment in this area)  and just out of nowhere… out of my mouth…comes this:

‘THIS is how its going to happen. It has happened like this before in my other businesses which means its possible and THIS is the way things are going to be…’ AND I had absolutely no doubts whatsoever. It was a done deal.

It really did hit home, the words I have been seeing and hearing in my personal development journey about: Declare it to the Universe with conviction!

I thought I had actually been doing that but now I realise I’ve been very wishy washy! Wow, the empowerment that went through my body was incredible AND the absolute belief…was indescribable. This same empowerment that was with me many years ago in my first business. I made my own rules there too with fabulous success.

We really CAN choose our own rules. People may not like it but I think in the end, a bold statement of confidence and trust will far outweigh a wishy washy “ok, well I had better do it that way because they all say so” type attitude. For me this is true anyway.

Have a think about your level of conviction. Do you KNOW with absolute CERTAINTY what it is you want to happen…what is GOING to happen?

How can you have this unshakeable belief in what you are doing? How can you be so certain in what you believe? Where does the trust, faith and conviction come from?

You already know the answers. The voice of your heart is already whispering them to you, daily. Why not turn up the volume on them? Why not have the heart voice at full volume and the ‘other’ one at a whisper. It will change the way you think about everything. And when the mind changes…magic and miracles occur.

So…here is your task: MAKE YOUR OWN RULES about how your life is going to look, how your business is going to operate and how you are going to live. Make a stand for YOURSELF.

You are SO worth it and I promise you, as soon as you declare what it is you want, with utter faith and certainty, the Universe will open up to you in ways you cannot even imagine. Its a magical mystery ride into bliss.



ps. Everyday I am taken by the words I have surrounding me in my office. They bring me comfort and at the times when I need an answer, the right quote will come into my awareness. I have put together an ebook of quotes for you too. Simply flick through it when you need the right words. To access it, just subscribe here on the website and it will be sent to you immediately. You will also enjoy a weekly AWESOMENESS ALERT– because you are awesome 🙂