Love Energy

Love Energy flows through all of us. Individually, yet still a part of the whole.

Starting the day well really helps get this energy flowing beautifully so that not only does it affect your vibration by raising it, it affects and raises the vibration of all those around you and beyond.

Here is a fabulous meditation that will give you a most peaceful sleep and Loving energy on waking:

There is also another exercise that can be done each morning upon waking that will have your mind making the best questions to get that flow of Love and manifesting happening.

Ask these questions of yourself:
1. What am I grateful for right now?
2. Who do I love right now?
3. What intention do I have for today?
4. What do I wish for today?

You see, how you feel is YOUR CHOICE.

Daily disciplines such as this truly do make a difference and before long, become a natural part of your existence and growth AND a natural way to live, through Love energy, the energy of YOU. love flow

Love x