Living Fearlessly…what does it really mean?

Today I thought about this a lot and how it has been played out in my life. Often when I see the images of the ‘standard’ things we relate this too, such as lions, superheros, warriors etc I can see the power and the message behind it and to me, this fearlessless is typical of an upbeat, empowered moment. Typical of that ‘hey! I’m finally moving forward and conquering my shit’ moment that we all have in our livesTrish Rock

I have had plenty of them in this lifetime so far, and continue to do so and am very grateful for them! I certainly like being the empowered being I know I can be and stepping over the fear barrier with a visible result certainly brings with it a fabulous exhilaration!

But what about the other moments. What about the quiet moments when overcoming a fear is personal, private and internal? When the end result is simply a better decision? When the fear you are overcoming is something that no one else will ever know about? When what you are resolving in your heart or mind is simply a new way of doing or thinking? These moments are not superhero moments to me, they are the everyday ‘there’s a new pattern I have chosen that is closer to the love I am‘ moments.

Those moments are more reflective, for me anyway. They are more of a communion with self, with God energy. More of a coming together of the alignment that can be found within, when we choose to listen.

These moments are also, to me, living fearlessly, because to stop and listen to that inner wisdom, is not always easy. Our ego voice fights it, our common sense and logic often fights it and if we do actually voice some of it…other people may not be too happy either!

What if though, in each moment we chose love. What if, in each moment we chose to be happy. What if, in each moment we chose to focus only on shining our inner light?

You know, fear really is just not knowing the experience of something. Once we know what it is we apparently fear, then the fear goes away. It is an illusion. It is not real. We only make it real by living in it. Love also dissolves it for fear cannot be, where there is love.

Getting past it is not always easy and for some, sadly, never happens.

I dont always resonate with the connection of living fearlessly ‘like a lion’ scenario however I do understand it. And now that I have my own perspective on it, I dont feel inferior (like I used to) for not having that empowered feeling all the time for I know that my daily ‘fear quests’, that happen internally and privately, are just as important, sometimes more, as the external successes others see.

After all, the truth is that without the internal shifts, the external results would not be visible or a reality anyway.

I celebrate silently (and at time out loud!) each and every day, write in my gratitude journal and let people know my appreciation for them too because each and every day, I make a shift in my thinking in some small way. A shift from something I may have been doing from fear and not love. A shift that moves me closer to the pure love energy I am. Shifts that come from the people who arrive in my life and from the experiences I have called for.

Living fearlessly…each moment counts. Are you letting fear determine what this moment holds for you? Or are you deciding for yourself, from a place of love, what this moment will be for you? It IS a choice and it doesnt require you to be a brave warrior in every moment, just a better decision maker…choosing love over fear in every moment.





Now dont get me wrong, I have these moments