Let Go Of The Weighty Fears

Here is something I know to be true…

When I let go of some of the fears that were holding me as a prisoner in my old reality, I emerged not only with new perspectives, new ideas, new mindset and a renewed sense of what is…I also emerged with less weight, better health and all the things that go with that like great hair, smooth skin, more energy and a better outlook overall.

The interesting thing is, I haven’t really changed a lot of things.

The work was mostly internal.


We can ALL have this. We can ALL let go of what no longer serves us. We can ALL decide enough is enough. We can ALL be the amazing Being we truly are.

Internal work is not easy. Accepting those things about us that we haven’t liked or loved for a long time takes courage, takes resolve, takes time.

While I am not an expert in weightloss I do know this: It is often more to do with fears we hold onto than what we eat if we experience issues in this area.

Protecting our hearts from hurt.

Protecting our feminine and masculine elements from hurt.

Protecting our entire body from hurt and pain.

I can often tell immediately when working with a client where they are holding their deepest fears. It shows up and I see it in their spirit and on their body. Sometimes we will go straight there and let go of the fear but in many cases people don’t even realize they are holding on to these deep seated memories, and therefore cannot let them go as easily or quickly.

This is where the work of self love and care comes in.

The biggest thing that has changed for me is the way I feel about myself.

This is the key I believe.

you matter

If we TRULY Love our self, we don’t put things into our body that do not serve well. We do not treat our body in any other way but with Love and respect.

Sometimes the self love is a challenge to reach. There are so many subconscious elements of fear that we don’t even know are there…until we do.

Fear keeps us stuck in habits that don’t serve. Fear keeps us protected by extra weight. Fear keeps us from the internal work of self love and care. Fear feels safe when it in our minds and hearts.

What if…fear did not even exist?

What if…we just let that go?

When I let go the need to numb myself with alcohol every night because of the fear of what I may have to face in reality, the weight came off.

When I let go of the fear around relationship breakups, and the worthlessness I felt, the weight I was protecting myself with disappeared.

When I let go of the fear that eliminating sugar from my diet would enable my intuitive abilities to a point I could not handle…the weight came off.

ALL of these became reality because I did the work to truly LOVE who I am. To TRULY know who I am. To Love it all.

When we love the fear, it cannot exist.

Let it go.

What do you fear the most?

Is it affecting more than the issue?

How would loving and respecting yourself more change things? Would you be putting the same things into your body and mind that you now do? Would you be treating yourself better?

If you truly knew who you were and your immense value and worthiness in this world you would never hurt yourself or any other living thing.

I am still learning this and am grateful for the experiences that grow me towards more Love of self and others.

www.trishrock.com choose love today

It is something we can all learn, and it starts with letting go. The side effects are numerous, all good, and often slimming!

Why not make it your goal this month to clear out the old and make way for the new!

Declutter the house, the wardrobe, the car, the office and most importantly, declutter the mind and the body. Let go of anything that is not serving you in Love.

You will be absolutely amazed at what transpires in the New Year.

Love x