How To Meditate No Matter Where You Are

There are a lot of different ways and methods when it comes to Meditation and often we can get so caught up in that, that we do none at all.

That is what it was like for me in the beginning.

Having to clear my mind of all thoughts and sit in silence for an extended period of time (even 5 minutes!) was near impossible and I just said to myself that it was something I could not do. Many people have said the same to me… that they just cannot quiet their mind enough to meditate.

What if there was another way?

What if you COULD meditate even if your mind was challenging to quiet?

Over the past few years I have become quite good at meditating and even though I still have an overactive mind, can ultimately get to that place of no thought. One of the best practices that helped me was to use guided meditations, paraliminal meditations and also subliminal meditations. (There are many guided meditations which I have created that you can access for free here: Guided Meditations. If you are interested in Paraliminal meditations, try Paul Sheele at Learning Strategies , these are the ones I used when I began)

Not the traditional method of meditating, these modalities helped me to get into that place where I COULD let my thoughts pass by easily. They also have the added bonus of changing beliefs and old patterns when used as a powerful tool to do this.

Recently, I learned the Sri Chinroy method of meditation and it took everything to a new level.

Now, I can get to a place of ‘no thought’ anywhere, and at anytime, even when I am driving.

Here is what I have discovered:

Meditation CAN BE as simple as returning, in your mind, to a place where you felt connected, at peace and where you just felt pure Love.

Meditation CAN ALSO BE just a moment when we remember and ‘step into’ the feeling of a time we have already experienced. A feeling that brings us peace, Love and connectedness. Meditation CAN be, a moment spent in Grace.

What do I mean by this?


Well, one of my favourite places to be is near the ocean. So many times when I lived on the coast, I would simply just stand on the beach, feet in the sand, listening to the water flowing and waves breaking, looking at a beautiful sunset or sunrise, and my mind would be so full of absolute Love and happiness to be witnessing this that there could be no other thought, than that of beauty and grace for what was in front of me.

These moments were what I call – eyes open meditating.

Connecting with all there is, with the Love we are, with the energy that connects us all…while just breathing and appreciating.

I was reconnected to this beautiful feeling while at Sri Chinmoy meditation classes. I remembered the magnificence of it.

Do YOU have a place, or memory, or moment in time that you can revisit or remember where you felt this way? Where you felt totally at peace, filled with appreciation, gratitude, Love and Grace?

What is it for you?

This ‘place’ is the cornerstone of the ability to meditate anywhere and anytime.

This FEELING can be recalled at will, and when we can do that, then, we can have a ‘thought-less’ moment or moments and step into our connectedness once more.

When is this helpful?

All the time of course! But not practical all the time as we also physical beings in a physical world where logic, thought and ‘humanness’ are essential in everyday. We CAN however, step into this place of Grace, beauty and Love whenever we are feeling out of alignment in our everyday. It brings us back to our centre AND by being centred and grounded, we can then be ‘human’ in a far better more effective way.

Even a few moments when stopped at traffic lights (eyes open and aware at the same time!), remembering the feeling of your favourite, most sacred place and experience will bring you out of a messy thought and mind pattern (too much ego) to a more balanced, heart centred mind.

I still meditate daily, either in silence or with guided meditations as I find this practice sets my day up in a beautiful way however there are many moments during the day that my mind also wanders back to the beach, to Grace, to the beauty of the Love that radiates all around, that is in me, that is in all of us. That feeling of connectedness, there, on the sand, with the energy of Love rushing through me in the sea breeze.

When we can choose Love at each moment the world becomes far more loving and things flow more easily.

Try this method of open eyed meditation today and see if you can connect with that feeling. Once you have the feeling/scene/place/experience that you will draw from, then use it at anytime and use it anywhere for a moment or two to reconnect with Love.

Where is your ‘happy place’? Share in the comments below!


Love x