One little teeny tooth…one mighty big energy and life pattern being held in it!

Recently I lost a tooth. It was a baby tooth that I had ‘held on to’ from the age of 10 when it should have fallen out, to now, at the age of 50.

No big deal hey?

Its only a tooth?

The gap in my gorgeous smile and the dental bill should be more of a concern right now?

Here’s the interesting thing…EVERYTHING holds energy, and this little tooth was no exception. Let me tell you the story.

The past 6 months have seen me let go of many things I was hanging on to, that were not serving me in a great way anymore. Attitudes, patterns, thoughts, physical clutter, mind clutter, and some of the ‘noise’ that kept me from moving forward.

The Universal energies have been perfect for this and in fact have been allowing all of us to easily move forward now and release old patterns and energy.

One last ‘frontier’ for me was the true opening of my heart. Allowing Love in and out, without fear. I thought I had a handle on it…

A few weeks ago I noticed something odd. A spot on my gum just above where my little baby tooth was still hanging on for dear life! Within a day, it was a hole in the gum. Within 2 days my tooth had nothing to hold on to. On the 3rd day the tooth was gone.

After all this time, my gum just decided to open up and release this tooth.

I asked myself why?

I then had the intuitive thought to find out the metaphysical meaning and THAT is where the magic in all of this was.

Turns out that the eye tooth (which is the one I lost/was hanging on too) is the gateway to adulthood. Typically lost at age 10-11, it signifies the journey from pre teen to teen.

So why did I ‘hang on’ to this tooth? Well, I had the choice at the age of 16 to have it fixed and braces would do the trick (My adult tooth was horizontal and would not come down). I chose not to. Vanity reasons at the time…or so I thought.

At the age of 10-11 my father left. I felt unworthy of love. I closed my heart to love. I didnt want to get hurt again. Of course at the time I didnt know this.

The night my tooth came out…I cried for a few hours. I cried for my father. I cried for the little girl that did not know how to deal with the pain. I cried for the little girl who closed her heart to the possibility of Love. I cried the tears that 10 year old Trish could not cry.

It was like nothing I had ever experienced.

Just a silly, pesky little tooth!

Oh but a tooth that held SO MUCH ENERGY!

You know, everything in life is energy and all we are, all we have, all we ‘hold on to’ is energy.

It may be a physical item you cannot bear to be without, a person you could not part with or a tooth, in this case.

It was time to let go, for me, and my body played along by opening up the gum, releasing this energy, and then, the gum closed right back up again within an hour or 2. No pain, no blood, just a letting go.


Here’s what happened next. The love of my life showed up,  ready and willing to be the co creator in an amazing ‘adult’ relationship.

One little tooth…so much powerful energy.

I feel different. I pulled out my tooth and broke down the wall.

I am ready to Love more deeply and with more vulnerability than ever before.

So how about the gap in my beautiful smile? Its still there and will be for a while and you know what? I dont really mind it that much. Every time I see it, touch it or feel it with my tongue I feel relief that the energy has gone. My self consciousness about it is waning and hey, if someone asks I get to tell the story right?

Trish Rock

My story of release, of opening to Love again, to realizing once again that I was born worthy.

Next time you have something going on and you get an intuitive thought to find out the deeper meaning- my advice is to do it. Nothing is ever as it seems on the surface. Nothing is random.

We are Love and we are all here to feel it, give it and experience it. That is our journey and each of us will have a different path on this journey but in the end, it is Love that we are and what we are remembering.


Love xo