How I Thrived In My 1st 2 Weeks Sugar Free

2 weeks ago I came to that point in my life where enough was enough.

I was so addicted to chocolate, and various other forms of sugar, that the path to my bigger vision in life was being blocked.

It was the same point I had come to when eliminating alcohol, and nicotine, at other stages in my evolvement. And until we are ready to do so, the changes will not occur. That’s all perfectly ok too.

There is no right or wrong here. There is only our self… wanting to feel good.

And chocolate was not making me feel good anymore. It was time. The decision that had been many, many years in the making, was complete.

The first thing I decided to do was to throw out the rules. choose your thoughts

The ‘rules’ that others had, and that I thought I HAD to have too, were one of the reasons I was sabotaging myself in the past and telling myself I could not do this.

Rules such as:

It wont work for you unless

  1. You give up all sugar as well as fruit and go ‘cold turkey’ on all forms of sugar.
  2. You have to have the exact ingredients and eat the exact foods that have helped someone else (ie, the person writing the article or book or recipe), even if you don’t like them.
  3. Prepare yourself for a rough 2 weeks with withdrawals and headaches.
  4. You must have the correct equipment to make the recipes

There are probably more than this but these are the types of ‘rules’ that had me stuck and not moving forward, and still eating the chocolate! I did not want to fail and I knew I would have with these boundaries imposed on myself.

So what shifted in me THIS time to move past all those beliefs I was telling myself?

I chose to follow my own rules. I chose to set myself up for success.

  1. I knew the first week would be tough so I chose a week that was going to be less stressful to start (The Universe decided to toughen it up for me though lol)
  2. I decided that as it was the chocolate mainly that I was addicted to (yes, I realize its sugar, not just chocolate however it was the chocolate that I kept buying and eating) that I would substitute it with Cacao as often as I needed.
  3. I decided that I loved fruit and would continue eating it.
  4. I decided that not having the correct equipment was not going to stop me and even though I do not own a Nutribullet or similar, my blender and juicer would be just as good.
  5. I decided that even if I did not have the cash to go and always buy organic, or the exact ingredients in a recipe, I would use what I had or what I could easily buy.

These were the rules I made for myself.

Trish Rock

Of course, when I went public with this and asked for recipes and any ideas to help curb cravings, all the other ‘rules’ were thrown at me but THIS time, I had the resolve to appreciate, thank, and ignore anything that was going to get me stuck again. I appreciated every person who gave their time to help me though.

That is one thing that I feel helped me a lot – the support of others, giving me ideas, cheering me on, even some people I have not met personally. I feel very blessed to have you all in my life!

(NB> Our beliefs are what get us stuck, not the opinions of others but when we take on board as our truth, the opinion of others, then we can get very bogged down in that and find it challenging to move forward.)

So, here we are 2 weeks later and I made it!

Yes it was tough.

Yes it was different.

Yes, I appreciate all the amazing advice, support and help I got along the way.

And yes…Im very proud to have actually done it AND the results are rushing in so fast that I’m blown away.

What has happened in the 2 weeks?

The first week WAS tough but I made it through the cravings with a delicious slice I made that was nutritious as well as sweet. I ate too much of it, however, I didn’t falter and go get chocolate so Im ok with that!

The 2nd week, this past week, has been amazing.

  • I’m not getting hungry anymore which is interesting.
  • I am mainly having smoothies and juicing still but this week with more veges and less fruit by choice, which is also interesting.
  • My intuitive abilities are expanding at a fast rate which is filling me with so much thankfulness and appreciation.
  • My skin has stopped breaking out (pimples at 51 was a bit annoying!) and is as soft as! Less makeup now if a great result!
  • My insides are feeling a lot lighter and functioning better.
  • The arthritic pain in my feet and fingers is dissipating.
  • My energy is through the roof.
  • The ideas and creativity are flowing at a very fast pace (I am finding it hard to keep up with them actually and have been forgetting many of the Divine words that are being channeled! Must get a book to have with in)
  • I have also lost a dress size or thereabouts. I don’t have scales but I am now fitting into clothes I haven’t worn for a while.
  • And here’s a little side effect- I now eat tomatoes and avocado- 2 foods I have not touched as I believed I didn’t like them. Funny how quickly we can believe something, and then NOT believe it!

My values around eating and what I spend have changed too. For instance, saying I could not afford avocado – when really the $5 every 2 days I now spend on it, is less than the $5 per day (or more some days) I was spending on chocolate!

Its ALL about what we think.

I truly wanted to remove the blocks that were holding me back from creating, from being more intuitive, from being more vibrant.

The thing that was affecting me physically and mentally the most, was chocolate.

If I had decided to do more than eliminate the chocolate this past 2 weeks, I would not have made it. This was my feeling about it, and to set myself up to succeed, I followed this feeling.

In the end, we do what we feel most comfortable doing. Take the path that is least resistant and that will see us succeed rather than falling back into the same beliefs. worth

Its not always easy. There were MANY days I could have said I quit! There were many times I could have grabbed that chocolate. The Universe tested me, don’t worry about that!

My resolve and my reason this time were big enough to overcome any of the challenges and I feel this is the key to everything. I am no better than anyone and we are ALL capable of change in our lives. What will bring us undone is the lesser vision of who we want to be, or who we feel we DESERVE to be.

I think I was ready this time, and have succeeded this time because I have also done the work on myself. I now truly love who I am and respect who I am. I know I deserve whatever I can imagine and am worthy to receive whatever I imagine.

It is only through this love of myself that I could become a better version.

This is the start.

Then, we can achieve anything, more easily, and in the right Divine timing.

Whatever it is for you, whatever the change is that you feel you want to make, when the time is right for you then I highly recommend to take a week setting yourself up for success. Plan what you will do, where you will be, your surroundings and have some things in place that will help you get through any cravings or addictive habits around the thing you are letting go.

Please know that the Universe will reward your efforts almost immediately.

Please know that it will all be worth it.

Please know that YOU are worth it.

Love xo