How I Quit Chocolate

5 Ways To Set Yourself Up For SUCCESS When Changing An Addictive Habit


This week I quit chocolate.

For a long time now I have known that refined sugar was addictive. Just as addictive as any drug. It gets into your cells and your body cries out for more- while also crying for you to stop.

Out of all the addictions I have changed in my life, sugar, mostly for me in the form of a chocolate addiction, seemed like the last frontier, the hardest one to kick, the one that was really going to test my resolve and the Love of self.

But… this week… I quit chocolate.

Ive had many people ask me how, ask me why and ask if I think I will succeed, so Id like to share what I feel are the 5 main keys to ensure success when changing any addictive habit.

5 Ways To Set Yourself Up For SUCCESS

  1. Self Love

Its important to know we are actually worthy of health, that we are worthy to feel good, that we are worthy of the change we wish to see and feel.

This was one of the biggest factors in beating any addiction I have ever had, and there have been some!

  • When I became a non smoker it was because I knew I deserved better than to be feeling isolated and anxious, which is how I was feeling as a smoker.
  • When I became a non drinker it was because I knew I was better than the numbed version of me that was showing up a lot.
  • When I decided to become a non chocolate eater (refined sugar) it was because I had reached that point where I knew I was worthy of the big vision I have for life, and that chocolate and its affects, were no part of that.

We MUST have that love of self, to even start the change, but also to keep it going. The love of who we are will be the biggest driver when changing an addictive habit.

Do you Love yourself enough right now to make the change you desire? The time will come, and you will embrace it. worth

  1. The Big WHY

There HAS to be a reason. The big why. Otherwise firstly, the change wont start but secondly and more importantly – it will be challenging to continue.

Your reason will be unique to you.

My why’s have all been different too.

The big why this time is that chocolate has really been blocking my intuitive abilities, like a big fog in my brain. I can feel it instantly. No other food is doing this right now so it is very obvious to me when it happens. My big life vision will require the best intuitive skills I have so to me, anything that is getting in the way of that, is not serving me well.

So today, when the headaches came, I thought about being in front of amazing people and inspiring them to be the greatness they are. It got me through the worst of it.

A big why. Its important.

What is YOUR big WHY? thoughts

  1. Plan It!

If the change you seek is not planned for success, it will be another failed attempt. Believe me, I totally know about failed attempts! But truly, that’s what they are- attempts. When we can plan for success, the change is NOT an attempt- it truly is the change.

If you know the detox of whatever you are breaking free from is going to be tough, then don’t start in the school holidays when the kids are home, or in a very busy work period, or when you are fighting with family or friends etc. Plan for a great first week! Plan for the best time possible for you.

When we make changes, not only does our body react and challenge us but the Universe will also send in the challenges!

Planning for success will not eliminate the challenges but if they are reduced, it will be so much easier to get through that first week, then the next, then the next.

Keep in mind too that our ego and fears will sabotage us if we let them. Any thoughts we have that are NOT about the change we desire or about success are most likely the fears arising.

  • Who will I BE when I am not this person who smokes/drinks/eats chocolate?
  • What will my friends say?
  • How will my family ridicule and mock me for yet another attempt at this change I desire?

These fears are not your truth. Your truth is in your big why. Your truth is in your heart. Your truth is in you even thinking up the desire to make this change! Be strong. Don’t let the fears take over.

How will you plan for a successful change this time?

  1. Prepare Your Mind For It

This has been an invaluable step for me in the success of habit change. I really have had to ‘psyche’ myself up so to speak because to just ‘jump into it’ has not worked. Normally what I will do is set a date for about a week or two ahead, then every time I have the craving for what I am wishing to eradicate- in this case chocolate- I say to myself “Im really going to enjoy this chocolate today because on the (date) I will not be eating it anymore.”

Now once you do this a few times, it becomes reality for you.

It’s a mind game, this life of ours. Why not play it in your favour and to your advantage?

Have you set a date yet?

  1. BE the change already

As I write these words, it has only been 3 days in for me. This is my 3rd day of no chocolate.


This week I quit chocolate.

How can I be so sure it will be successful? How can I be so sure I will stay off it? How can I be so sure I wont fail this time?

This week I quit chocolate.

I already AM that statement. I already AM a non chocolate eater.

Yes it takes resolve, yes it takes courage and yes it takes a lot of determination…but to BE something in your reality that you cannot see yet IS possible, if you can see it clearly.

Being the result before you begin is far better than saying the alternative words such as ‘giving up’ or ‘I quit’ or ‘cant have’. These put the lack mentality to work immediately and make you want to go get more!

BE the change before you start. Then you will never have to start this one again.

What change will you BE?

These 5 keys truly have been the strength behind the changes I have made in life. If I do not succeed at something, it will be due to not having the conviction in one or more of these areas, and I rethink it, then go again. No beating myself up, no criticism. Just start again.

When we are truly ready for change it will happen. Not before, not when others tell us to, not when we are forced. Only when we are ready, and the time WILL come.

I hope these 5 keys will help you BE the change you wish to be in your life. Whatever that is, however big or small.

Growth requires change, change requires courage, courage is in our hearts, our hearts are our truth.

Love x