Trish Rock - https://trishrock.comI’m about to step up into my true service in this world, my purpose, my passion and the ‘thing’ that makes my heart sing.

This morning as I was thinking about it, the fears all came up again but this time I took a different view.

One of the biggest fears is judgement and criticism. It hurts and can be scary. I believe this to be true for many, and therefore stops the whole ‘living a bigger life’process before it even begins in some cases!

But here are my NEW thoughts on it. I understand now that the external reflects the internal therefore any judgement or criticism that comes my way will be an indication to me that I am judging myself somewhere, about something.

THIS is so freeing. This allows me to become all I can be. THIS is where the magic is and where confidence and love within my own self will grow exponentially.

So…the fear has been replaced with excitementย 

How are YOU willing to let go of the fear of stepping into your trueness, your truth, your purpose in this lifetime?