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Laurence combines the Ancient wisdom of Astrology with the knowledge of modern science to help us realise our full potential. I think you will enjoy this from him. Remember to comment and share đŸ™‚


We’ve been hearing A LOT lately about the power of the brain. How you can train it and grow it and do all sorts of amazing (and often seemingly impossible) things with it.Todd Sampson has recently being doing a short series of programs on ABC TV called “Redesign My Brain” in which he visits brain experts around the world and experiences ways to create shifts in his abilities ranging from simple mind exercises to electrical interference.One thing that is being constantly focussed on in all this seems to be the idea that the brain is the source of our thoughts, ideas, behaviours and so on.

My belief is – this is slightly misguided.

As I see it, the brain is like the hard disk of a computer – it’s the place the information is stored. To me the evidence modern brain science is revealing is aligned with this. For example when you perform certain types of tasks particular areas of the brain are significantly more active than other areas. By using probes to electrically stimulate certain areas of the brain we can elicit particular and repeatable responses.

However, if you did the same thing with a computer hard disk you’d get the same results. If you examine the various areas of a hard disk you find that particular information is stored in specific locations.

The challenge, as I see it, is that what we do with information and stimuli is dependent on something outside the physiological structure of the brain. When we have an insight or a ‘gut’ reaction, is this a result of synapses in the brain interacting? When we have an emotional response to a piece of music is this a purely Pavlovian reaction based on a standard set of neural pathways which are the same in everyone? I don’t think so.

Continuing my computer analogy…

As well as the hard disk, a computer requires a CPU (Central Processing Unit). This is the part of the computer which takes the information stored on the hard drive and converts it into something useful and meaningful for people as opposed to the 0s and 1s which are what you find on the hard disk.

So, if the brain is the equivalent of the hard disk, what’s the CPU?

For me, this is the soul. Like the body, it can be subdivided into various components or elements. There’s the animal soul – this is the energetic entity which drives the physical body. This is attached to the physical body at the base chakra. Each chakra is the connection point of the different components of the soul body.

As well as the animal soul (which has a red colour) there are the other six elements associated with the chakras. These are:
– Creativity (Orange)
– Personal power/ego (Yellow)
– Heart/love (Green)
– Power of speech (Blue)
– Spiritual connection/intuition (Indigo)
– Merging with the infinite/God (Violet)

So, who are you?

You are an integral part of the Universe – a being of pure consciousness. This consciousness subdivides into various components both energetically and materially in order to express itself and achieve its objectives in this world.

Are you being an expression of this (your core) consciousness?

I often use the example of an apple seed trying to produce carrots. Obviously, this isn’t something that would work very successfully. At a soul level we each have our own soul seed. This is who we are here to be and what we seek to achieve in this world.

If our soul seed is an apple and we’ve decided we should be producing carrots we may be very good at producing carrots but there’ll always be something missing – some sense of meaning and purpose where we know we’re here to do something important but can’t quite identify what that is. We find ourselves repeating particular patterns of behaviour which don’t really serve us and yet we can’t seem to break the cycle even though we’re aware of it happening.

For me, Astrology is the most powerful tool for understanding our energetic constitution or our soul seed. By exploring an Astrological Natal chart we can see what drives we have and why we respond and react to things in certain ways.

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