Something interesting happened this week (yes I know, its only Tuesday but by week I mean the last 7 days..I dont live by ‘weeks’ and ‘weekends’ like everyone else).

There were a few moments when I was expressing myself, fearlessly, and the energy of fear came into the mix from others. I found it really interesting that I didnt feel the need to take that energy on any more.

You see , here’s the thing. Fear cannot exist where there is Love. Fear is only the absence of love. Fear is also simply the ‘unknown’ to us.

The saying that we are all familiar with:Trish Rock

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

just doesnt resonate anymore. To me, that keeps us in fear. Feeling the fear. Why? Why would we want to feel it? Isnt it the fear that stops us?

This quote has become one of the most used motivational quote to get us past fear. I totally understand why. When it comes to moving forward with a ‘new’ thing we have not experienced before, yes, fear creeps in and this saying really has helped us get over it and through it.

But what if we could do it another way?

What if we could just feel the Love and do it anyway?

Fear of doing something new,  putting yourself out there or moving forward in a bigger way, which is what I am addressing here (there are certainly many other reasons to feel fear) really is all about how people are going to react, see you, criticise you, judge you etc etc. Are you good enough? Worthy enough? Smart enough?

Its not about fear.

Its about your LACK OF LOVE and confidence.

Big statement I know and will cause some reaction but think about it. If you were not worried about criticism, what other people think or how they would react, if you loved who you were, in every way, and loved everyone else in every way, there would be no fear. So, if you knew that we were all connected, all Love and no matter what, you were loved, then fear cannnot exist. Right?

I  say ‘how interesting’ now when there is a reaction to anything I may do, say or feel. And it IS interesting because other peoples points of view show me another way of thinking and a different perspective in many cases. It doesnt mean I have to agree or adopt that belief but each and every one of us thinks, does and feels differently. So why fear it?

So today, I decided to come up with a different quote:


Feel the love of YOU. Feel the love of others. Feel the love of the Universe and the connecting energies within us all. Feel the love of what you are bringing. Feel the love of how you are impacting. Feel the love…then there can be no fear.

Personally I would rather focus my attention on Love than fear. We are what we think about and I think about love. How about you?

So the next time you are about to step into a ‘new’ activity or situation…say to yourself. I feel a little anxious here because this is new for me and I dont know what to expect but I know that I am loved and everything will be ok.

Its been working for me. I hope it works for you too!

Stay out of the energy of fear or if you ARE in that energy, thank the Universe for showing you another way back to Love.

Gratitude, Love and appreciation