Trish Rock https://trishrock.comHolding in emotions is a massive issue for many people. It is something that is often taught to us by parents that were also taught the same, and so it goes down the line. The great thing is that patterns are changing and more and more people are now realising that…

Its OK to FEEL

What exactly does this mean? Well, it means that whatever emotion you are feeling…be in in it…feel it…let it flow and then let it pass.

Its surprising how much faster the emotion comes and goes when you can do this process, rather than holding on to it and resisting it.

So, my suggestion:

  • If you feel sad…cry
  • If you feel angry…scream (maybe into a pillow if you dont want to scare the neighbours lol)
  • If you feel frustrated…breathe it out

Since allowing myself to feel emotions, my life has changed considerably. For many years I was told I was too emotional. That my emotions were getting in the way of my happiness (had to highlight that one as I can now see how absurd that was!) I thought it was because of my emotions that my relationships didnt last, that I was too hard for anyone to handle, that I was a mess that no one wanted to deal with.

Very soul crushing experiences…and then I decided it was ok to feel.

The difference is immense. An example would be an experience I had today. Feeling a little challenged and emotional, the tears started flowing but instead of trying to resist and hold them back (which would have meant the whole afternoon in relative sadness and not getting anything done!) I lay down on my office floor and had a short cry. It was beautiful. I felt the wave of sadness and emotion go through my body and just pass. It just disappeared. I got up after about 15 minutes, ready to get productive again. Miraculous.

And you can have this too. Today, whatever it is you are feeling...FEEL IT.

Say to your self:

“it’s ok (your name), you can feel this emotion, really feel it and then let it go because it is no longer having a hold over you”

I wish you loads of love and would like to hear from you as to your experiences with this. Do you hang onto your emotions or are you able to let them out, let them go, feel them?

Maybe your words can help another. Comment below and share.



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