Sharing your thoughts, words, ideas, love, self…

Communication and Expression

How many things on this list are simple for you?

I saw this image yesterday on social media and immediately needed to address it because for me, these things were NEVER easy or simple.

I have met, and know many people who find all of these very simple. Are you one of them?

For many years all of these things were actually very challenging for me. No self confidence, no belief in myself or what I wanted to express, mainly to my loved ones. It was frustrating and dark. It was torture to a soul that was crying out to be free and heard.

What was keeping me in this silent prison?

Well, for me, it was just my ideas and beliefs. I thought what I had to say was not important. I thought no one was interested. I thought it best to not create any waves or arguments. Confrontation was not my friend….

Over the past 4 years I have learnt, (yes if it does not come naturally to you, it can be learnt) to express myself more easily and to have more confidence in how I want to feel and show up.

The only thing on this list that I WAS and still am good at is asking questions. 1 out of 8 aint so bad? lol

Speaking up about what I liked and disliked, or explaining something were very challenging but the most difficult thing for me was to tell the people I loved- ‘I Love You’.

Pretty heart breaking when you cannot even say ‘I Love You’ to your own children or the man you love.

It is still a conscious thing for me to be aware of and make the effort to do. It is still hard. It is still not simple for me but I am improving 🙂

What are your thoughts and experiences in life with expressing yourself? Is it easy and natural for you? Have you had to learn it like me?

Over the years I have had some beautiful mentors, friends and lessons from life that have allowed me to be heard in a bigger way. I express myself in many ways now including speaking, writing, teaching, drawing, creating and developing products.

I have used many tools to help in this area too including affirmations, meditation, energy healing and chakra strengthening. Currently I am using the Expression Candle from the ‘I, Manifest: Chakra Candle Range’ to really give me great energy when writing or speaking.

Being our selves and expressing our Truth really bring us into the energetic connection we are here in this lifetime. There will always be a balance so if you do find this list very simple, remember that many others may not. Sometimes we just need to know it is safe to speak, to be who we are and that we will still be loved.

And for those of you that were, or still are, like me and found most actions here difficult, I would encourage you to look to the people you know that express themselves easily, and watch them, learn from them. Ask for help if you need it.

Here’s to speaking up 🙂

Love xo