Dear Universe: What The Heck Do I Have To Do!!?

Have you ever dropped to your knees and screamed out to the Universe (or God/source/spirit/angels, whatever you which to call it) and asked:

What more do I need to do!

What IS IT that you are showing me?

When will it be MY turn!

I think all of us at some point have gotten to a stage where we feel we have been doing all we can to manifest a certain thing or situation and still….nothing…no thing…

It doesn’t feel fair.

It feels like we are doing something wrong.

It feels…like we are just not enough, not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not strong enough and well…its just not going to happen for us!

This morning I asked the question, again, of the Universe. I asked what more do I have to do to achieve and receive all the things I have been asking for, working for, manifesting into my life?

This time though, rather than asking out of anger, or ‘not enoughness’ or lack or emotion or depression, instead I asked from an empowered place.

The result was SO different…and so much better.

Here’s the thing, we all have plans, dreams, desires and visions that we would like to have come to fruition in our lives. Whether it be passing the exam to have the dream career, getting married, having children, being self employed, having great health, having financial freedom, being a great parent/teacher/student/mentor, running for president, going to the moon or simply being the best human you can be – we all DO a lot of things to manifest these visions and dreams.

The work we often put in is incredible and when we see no result in the physical, well, it can be frustrating to say the least!

Personally I have been on my knees crying to the Universe MANY times in my lifetime asking “Why? When? How?’

I guess it’s those moments that finally break something inside of us that keeps resisting.

And here in lies the answer to having the life manifested that we choose.

The resistance…that we may not even know that’s there!

So, whatever it is that we are asking for and not receiving, be it:

  • Relationship harmony or change
  • New romantic partner
  • Better or improved health
  • Abundance in all of life
  • Cashflow
  • Career breakthrough
  • New job
  • New home
  • New  car
  • Travel opportunity
  • More clients
  • More energy
  • Etc

the first thing we MUST DO is STOP DOING for a little bit.

You see, the resistance drops when we can simply BE for a while.

Being will bring us back to our centre, our source, it will bring us back in tune with the Universe, that ‘thing’ we are crying out to for help.

What we desire is already in us. We already ARE what we want and can manifest it into reality simply by feeling it, by Being it, by KNOWING it already.

This morning, rather than crying out for help in a way that was not going to stop the resistance, in a way that was KEEPING ME IN THE STRUGGLE, I simply asked for the help and then let it go. I trusted it would be taken care of. I trusted it would all be in Divine timing and then focused on what was in front of me.

Staying in the problem will never solve the problem.

We must take a step back, and take a step inwards, to simply BE for a while. The solutions will often come so fast that we cannot keep up! The solution could also be in the BEING.

One thing I have experiencd and learnt recently is that the thing that we most want will not come to us if we are in the lack of it. We MUST be in the knowing of it already, the feel of it already Being.

Simple concept but not easy.

I can tell you though that easy will not expand us to where we need to BE to have the EASE we want.

So, are you frustrated right now about any areas of Health, Wealth or Relationship?

Let go of the struggle. Step OUT of the problem, the lack, the ‘withoutness’.


Take your mind to a place where you ARE already with this thing/desire/dream/person. Take your heart there too. Feel it. Know it. Forget the rest.

The ease will begin. The flow will start. Then, the trust that you may have to really try hard at in the beginning will take on more ease too. The proof of the manifesting will show up. But even if it doesn’t, the feeling of it will still be inside you and eventually the thing will matter less. The health will improve. The finance will speed up. The relationships will flourish.

Dear Universe: What The Heck Do I Have To Do!!

My Dearheart, you simply have to BE more often. BE who you truly are. Love, perfection, worthy, desirable, loved, valued and so so capable of anything you desire.

Love x