#30Blogs30Days #Day8

Each day we have the opportunity to choose love or fear.

Anything you are making a decision on, any old thoughts that arise, any old beliefs you are creating your reality from, are in the bucket of love or fear.

Being out of alignment with your heart, your essence, will not feel good.

We can all too often blame the external in some way for our ‘not feeling good’ days but until we take responsibility for how we feel, we will stay out of alignment.

So, are you feeling good or bad right now?

How does that feel and why do you believe you are feeling this way at the moment?

Breathe into it and ask yourself, am I in alignment with love right now?

Any thoughts that are protesting great alignment or good feelings need to be looked at so write them down or ask them to yourself out loud. And then ask- is that really true?

Coming from years of living in blame, lack and victimhood I know this can often be challenging but please believe me when I say that even if you can debunk one fearful thought right now you will begin leaping forward into more alignment and joy.

Alignment can be a daily thing  for you too depending on your circumstances and life so even if you are in great alignment and joy for many days, you can still have a ‘fuck it all’ moment every now and then!

Being awake and conscious of how you are feeling is the key here.

Taking responsibility for how you are feeling is also a huge component.

No matter what is happening in our external we have the power to choose how we feel and being out of alignment with our truth and heart, which doesn’t feel good, is a daily choice we have.

So today, take the time to truly go within and ask yourself- how am I really feeling? What feels good in my life right now and what doesn’t?

The things that don’t feel good can then either be changed, OR you can begin to choose a different feeling or reaction towards them.

This is a large part of the work I do in this world, my purpose, my passion. Changing a person’s perception on what is keeping them from feeling good can instantly change so many things in their mind and life. Its a joy to see!

Alignment, love, happiness, joy…your choice right now.


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