The Truth Will Set Us Free

Healing a broken heart is never easy. No matter how much time lapses, the memory, hurt and pain can still linger. Yes we can move forward but often, there is still that little bit of fear, that little bit of hesitation, that little bit of memory…that will keep us from fully giving our hearts fully open again.

Over the past few years it has become clear to me that my purpose in this lifetime is to teach and empower people to Love. Fully, authentically and with an open heart.

To teach, is to learn, so I have become a big student of Love. To teach it, I must know it…I must BE it.

Most times it comes easily to me to be kind, loving and considerate. I guess I’ve always had a part of me understand that my side or point of view is not the only one. There are reasons people behave like they do and they are not always obvious. Anger only serves to make us, the angry one, ill. The person we direct the anger too does not feel it on a cellular level.

I choose to look for the good side, for the better reaction, for the more loving feeling.

Where did I get this trait? I believe it was my Mother who taught me this. She was like Mother Teresa in the way she loved people. It was only herself she did not love fully. Maybe I also learnt this too.

Looking for the love, the good side, the better feeling thoughts can be difficult with a broken heart though. It may feel as though we are looking at the positives and moving forward but deep down, in the closed doors of our hearts, the pain remains. The fear remains. The doors remain closed.

Until a bigger Truth becomes known. truth and blame

And this is what happened for me today. A story that is worth sharing because if we have even one closed door in our heart, it is one too many.

For most of my adult life I have been blaming my father for the closed, broken, fearful heart I hold. The pain of him leaving and the feeling of abandonment was huge and I have never really been able to clear it. I thought I had let others in, and had let others love me, but it turns out I haven’t. I have a belief that I will get hurt and as I don’t wish to feel that heart ache again, I push people away to avoid it. The ironic thing here is that I still feel hurt, even though it’s manifested.

This has been the lesson, the biggest lesson, in this journey and purpose of Love here in this lifetime. Opening my heart to Love.

The biggest lesson we have in life is usually what we also have a bigger purpose to teach.

Today, an incredible thing happened that has totally changed everything for me.

I found out I have been blaming the wrong person.


All this time…

Today, I opened myself up to the Truth. The mind blowing truth of what is really happening and how my life has been set up beautifully and perfectly…just the way I planned it with Love energy/God source.

My guides managed to talk this Truth today in a way I could hear. While in a meditation circle with beautiful loving energy all around, the message was loud and clear…and absolutely astounding!

You see, my parents actually have nothing to do with my closed heart. Yes, that’s right! Ive been blaming and blaming and this blame has kept me so stuck that I could not see past it!

The Truth is that my heart has been closed for many lifetimes and it was THIS lifetime that I came to open it. By choosing the circumstances, parents, and everyone else in this lifetime play I have written, finally I have heard the message and have been brought to this place in Divine timing where I can let go of it.

Today, I saw the room that has been locked. I opened the door and I saw the Love behind it. I saw the guides, spirits and Love that have been patiently waiting for me to turn the handle. I saw…that it was perfectly okay to go into this room and to bask in the Light and Love that was me.

I now know the great love my father had for me, as my human parent always, but also as a higher spirit and now one of my guides. There is never anything random.

This Love, behind the door of many people hearts, is now open to me and in sharing this story perhaps it will spark something inside of you too. If your heart has been closed to Love, perhaps there is a different reason. Perhaps there is a different scenario.

Perhaps, your blame has also come from the wrong interpretation. Expressing Yourself

Are you ready to hear the Divine Truth?

If you are, ask your guides and spirits and higher self to show you, to talk with you, to allow you to hear. And be ready. Be ready for the messages that will take you to a certain shelf in the library, or to call a certain person, or to look up a group and join them, or to be led somewhere you would not normally go, or to see or hear something you would not normally notice.

Life is a big jigsaw puzzle and the pieces all come together perfectly. Have faith. Know that there is more than one answer. Know that not everything you are feeling has to do with this lifetime. Know that you can discover the Truth, and clear the block/hurt or closed part of yourself in a more effective way.

The first step is to step out of the blame cycle and become unstuck. Become open to other possibilities.

When you do, and the answers are shared with you, and you hear them, maybe you will be as amazed and as grateful as I am today.

Imagine…if the door, deep inside your heart, opened….


Trish x