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I had an epiphany of sorts today.

After transforming 3 key areas in my life and a few minor ones, I have not had the inclination to change my relationship status, even though I keep complaining its been over 5 years since I have been in a relationship.

I figured out why my manifesting is not working!


Because it has been benefiting me to be single, mainly in the zone of the freedom to be myself.

Crazy right!

Well, when you are wrapped up in these ideas they don’t appear to be crazy but during a reading session today I realised that the advice I give to others is something I also need to take on board more often! A typical human thing we do right!

The benefits of my singledom have mostly been around those times I don’t clean up the house, don’t wash up for 3 days, don’t shower for a day, sleep in the middle of the day, do random things just because, prefer no makeup and these days have been known to stay in my pajama pants all day. Sometimes I dont even feel like talking to anyone for a day or two. Plus a number of other things that I criticize myself for! I feel that if someone was going to visit on a regular basis I would not be comfortable having these habits, hence, the status quo.

Interesting thing is that I have been waiting for my energy to match the one I desire, and the one I desire accepts me for exactly who I am. And now…so do I.

So, with this clarity I now move forward.

Using my 5 Step Dynamic Transformation process I will be turning these benefits on their head and will be transforming Single Trish into In Love Trish.

I have a feeling it is not going to take long and will be far easier than when I transformed from Lack Trish to Abundant Trish. That was a long standing belief system!

But over the past year I have changed my career, finances, alignment, self value, self worth and abundance and wealth mindset so I am confident that all I need here for a relationship to come in is the green light from me and the understanding that these so called benefits do not make sense anymore!

So here’s to being me in all my interesting and magical ways, and transforming my singledom.

ps. I may or may not improve my skills of dish washing and may or may not decide to stop wearing pj’s during the day 😉


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