Trish Rock - https://trishrock.comA Divine experience happened this morning…

Before getting out of bed this morning I decided to write down what I appreciate and am grateful for in my life at the moment (I do this every night too) and then I attempted to rewrite my vision, to gain more clarity and to play a bigger game than I currently am, to impact more people, to share more love.

My mind wasnt playing the game and I couldnt get into my heart space so I set the intention to write my vision in my mind as I walked the dogs.

Anyway, I’m standing there at the waters edge, as I do, with my arms wide open, thanking the Universe in advance for the amazing experiences I will be giving and receiving today, when I heard a loud engine.

Looking over, I saw a power boat, well so it seemed. I watched it…and then it was above the water and then…it was in the sky. It was a small plane! Now I know this sounds crazy but I swear it was a boat! It then came around and flew straight towards me (very low) and passed over, then disappeared.

In the 2 years I have been going to this place, I have never seen a plane here. It wasnt a water plane either.

So, my takeaway from this? The Universe telling me to stop being comfortable on the water and to get up and fly. Be a plane Trish, be a plane, soar the heights you know you came here to reach.

I love the profound in your face messages I get these days lol

So…you will either see the profound message here… or my craziness…either way, if it brings you a message or a laugh…it will brings some joy your way…so my work is done 

Now…time for me to polish my wings