Careful…Full of Care

We all know of, or have heard of, the Law of Attraction.

Attracting into our lives:

  • What we think about the most
  • What we ask for
  • What we desire
  • What we intend
  • What we imagine
  • What we envision
  • What we feel

We are all attracting exactly what we are requesting. It may be consciously or it may be sub consciously but whatever it is you are talking about the most, thinking about the most, imagining the most…you will be getting more of in your life. Positive or not so.

The past couple of years has been a discovery for me in many areas of my life about what exactly my thoughts have been attracting. We really can live the life we want. We can choose in every moment what we experience and more importantly, how we react to it. We must ask for what we want though, and then believe it. Its super important to FEEL it too.

I want to share 2 stories in particular here with you to show you how powerful thoughts are and how you may also be attracting circumstances into your life you are not really aware of!Trish Rock

The first one is money. While I have done a lot of work in this area to clear blocks etc, I still always seemed to be chasing my tail, never getting ahead and feeling very insecure about myself. It was frustrating, tested my self worth and value and really did test my resolve to move forward with my vision. I know at this point that many people stop. They are out of the race because it all just gets too hard.

Fortunately for me, my vision of the life I want to create was bigger than any despair I may have been feeling so I was able to push on and FIND the answer.

Here is what I discovered:

  • By thinking about my lack…I was attracting MORE lack. Solution? I now think about abundance, wealth and prosperity…no matter if I have lots of dollars in my bank or only a few. Remember this- the bills you have coming in are NOT the problem. Not having the money to pay for them is the problem. So you need to find a way to solve that rather than focus on not enough.
  • Energy centres are vital for the flow of abundance and often the bottom chakras are ignored but these are the centres of creativity, money and personal power.
  • GRATITUDE and THANKS for what I already HAD put me in an appreciation feeling which then attracts more of the same

The 2nd area is relationships. Over the past few years, being single and open to a relationship, I have written out several ‘lists’ or ‘requests’ of what I would like the Universe to deliver me in a romantic partner. I think most of us have done this at some stage! So, the list writing began with all the physical attributes, career and general ‘things’ about who I wanted to attract. It was quite long and I thought I had really gotten it down to the perfect picture after a while…however…

It wasnt working very well.

So recently, I changed how I envisioned my ideal partner and rather than describing the physical attributes, I began to list all the ways I wanted to FEEL with this person. I would sit there and imagine it, get the feeling of it, as if it were happening. I tapped into memories of past relationships that I loved. Feelings that I experienced, great moments and joy. Feelings that I wanted in a relationship.

THIS worked, rather quickly actually! …but…

Here is the one thing you MUST remember! Be precise with what you ask for!

I ended up attracting those feelings from the past relationship, that I tapped into to experience again, but you wont believe this…THAT PERSON actually ended up reappearing also! NOT a good thing at all.

My lessons, and what I want to share:

  •  If you are asking the Universe for your ideal partner and describing how you want to feel- remember to also ask for ease and single/available/ready.
  • If you are tapping into feelings from a past relationship…focus on the feelings and not the person.

So…what are YOU currently asking for?

The first MOST IMPORTANT thing we can do is to have gratitude and appreciation for WHAT IS and a confident ANTICIPATION and VISION for what WILL COME. Your vision needs to be precise though. Be careful with your words and thoughts

You really WILL attract what you think about the most. Be clear with what it is you desire. Be thoughtful in the detail. Be full of care…be careful.



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