Autumn Leaves, Rain and a Massage…How Nature Showed Me To Release The Old


Inner work.

Its tough some days, flows easily the next right!

One day we think we have mastered our thoughts and have been able to ‘revise’ the old patterns and then the next day…bam! There they are again!

Last night I went to sleep listening to a very powerful Kundalini Energy meditation and with the intention to feel lighter today, about everything, and to feel on purpose again and filled with anticipation and enthusiasm for every moment.

Im feeling so grateful and thankful this morning that I have opened myself up to receiving the messages and prompts from my guides again. The past few days I have been blocking them, not wanting to hear, not wanting to see, not wanting to move from my ‘stuck’ place but also having a strong desire to BE more fully.

The contradiction was also keeping me in lower vibration, which was attracting more lower vibration energy and people.

So what is it that has opened my eyes and heart this time? And I say ‘this time’ because it’s an ongoing process, this ‘life’ here as a human and none of us are perfect. It’s when we start believing that others may have a perfect life or have it all figured out or we start the comparisons and the ‘I’m not good enough’s’ and the ‘I’m not enough’s’ that we can truly fall into such an out of aligned state and then, well, nothing looks positive!

One thing I have learned over the past years is that even the most ‘together’ person also has the contrast.

The difference now for me is that I can rise more easily and a lot faster than I used to. I can allow the feelings to flow through rather than holding on for too long. I can accept with ease and Grace that everything is ALWAYS perfect and is growing me in some way and from THAT point of view, I can easily forgive myself, others and feel connected to all there is once more.

What used to take me weeks now only takes days, sometimes minutes, or sometimes simply a new thought.

This morning I felt lighter. This morning I knew that things were shifting, inside and out. The New Moon energy is so powerful for setting new intentions of how we want our lives to BE and FEEL and right now, with the moon in Gemini energy, we can also shift and change our beliefs, perspectives and ’way’ almost instantly.

The Rain, The Autumn Leaves and A

Listening to the beautiful rain this morning, as I slept in with my fur babies, reminded me that the washing away of the old is an important step in nature and as such is also an important step in US.

The rain falls from the sky, washing and renewing, brightening and cleaning, watering and nourishing new life, new growth, new possibilities.

Tears fall from our eyes washing and renewing, brightening and cleaning our beliefs, nourishing and nurturing our Truth that is renewing and growing through all the new possibilities we are given.

Sometimes we do not want to let go. We want to stay in the pain. The tears then become the grieving of what could have been, what might have been, what we thought would have been. But after the grieving is always the Light, always the new eyes to see the Truth of it all, the open heart to allow the new possibilities in again.

I was reminded again of this when I looked out into my back courtyard after I got up.

The rain had helped the last of the beautiful red leaves on my Chinese Maple to fall to the ground. The cement was covered in them and it looked so brilliant! The tree was nearly down to the branches for its winter.

The message here this morning was so powerful.

The old MUST be released to make way for the new.

A tree cannot keep growing new leaves if there are none falling off.

The tree does not mourn the apparent loss of the old leaves but gathers its energy to produce new ones. It’s the life cycle of nature and it is ALSO the life cycle for us. We cannot grow and expand if we do not make space for the new.

Big message and awareness and a greater appreciation of the wisdom we can find all around us at ANY time, if we are open to it and ready.

The massage?

Well, my muscles are all tensed up from the past week of worry and ‘holding on’ to the old. They needed releasing too and I now know that nurturing myself is an act of self love that lifts me, and in turn, all whom I cross paths with.

What will your intentions be for the rest of June? For the rest of the year? For you, for now, for all you desire?

I feel the biggest thing holding us all back from anything we may desire is the belief we are not worthy or deserving of it.

If you truly are stuck in any area of life right now, look past the grief, look past the pain, look past the hurt, look past the anger, resentment or confusion and simply ask yourself: Do I feel worthy, do I feel I deserve, to have these things I desire.

The answer may surprise you.

The answer will give you a starting point.

The answer will allow you to easily step past the actual ‘event or circumstance’ and figure out how to mend the true issue- your belief around worthiness and deservedness.

As the Universe delivered me a great message today, I hope you too will benefit from its powerful energy. autumn leaves

Take a look at the picture of my tree. See the beauty of all of it. The base, the body and the fallen leaves. The tree does not question if it is worthy to grow new leaves. And we, as humans, need not question our worthiness, for in the energy of this incredible Universe, we are all magnificent, we are all here to grow, we all renew, we all regenerate, we all only have this moment and we matter, because we are here.

Be thankful for all that is, for it is all perfect for right now.

Intend the best for you. You deserve it and you can create it.



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