What Is It You Are Great At But Continue To Deny?

As I look to the word count and page number of this document just after typing the title…I see 1.1.11

Goosebumps, Angel hugs and confirmation that what I am about to write are exactly the words to say today.

You see, I am not in denial anymore. About life. About who I am. About what I can BE.  About what I can DO.

How about you? Are you living who you BE right now?

I remember for the longest time, that whenever I would talk about my psychic abilities I would say to people – ‘…well, you know Im psychic, or as some people say- psycho!’

The truth was no one was saying that, only me. No one was calling me a psycho, it just made it easier for me to stay in denial about who I am. I was also subconsciously ‘testing the waters’ so to speak, hoping for approval, hoping for that person to say really? You can do that? At the time I guess it was validation and attention from others I was seeking, not actually to BE myself. In hindsight, I can see that this pattern defined me for a very long time…until I stopped it.

Here’s what I know now that I didn’t know then:

Until we take ourselves seriously, no one else will. Until we believe in who we are, none else will.

I often think about what my life would look like now had I truly BEEN my authentic self all those years ago….but without the experience of it all, Iife would not be the adventure, and the fullness of what I now offer would not have been complete.

So who is it that you ARE?

What will it take to believe in yourself?

What will it take to BE that person that is calling you inside?

What will it take to KNOW, now, that it is the most loving thing you can do for the entire Universe to simply BE you?

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Recently these questions have been a priority for me. After doing a lot of inner work, dissolving old fears and patterns from this lifetime and others, I stood there, naked in my Being, and realized that THIS is who I BE.


  • Very intuitive
  • A channel for messages from source through writing and personal contact
  • Creative
  • A student and teacher of Love
  • Able to channel energy through my hands to heal others
  • Sensitive
  • An empath

These parts of myself, that have been hiding in the shadows for so long, are now who I BE.

This is your message here too.

Whatever it is that is calling you, BE it.

Whatever it is that you have been silently being, BE in full voice.

Whatever you have been hiding, bring it out and BE.

You know that ‘thing’ you do really well? THIS IS YOUR BIGGEST CLUE TO WHO YOU BE.

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It could be you are great at sewing, painting, being a mother, a father, cooking, teaching, channeling, tarot, gardening, making music, singing, numbers, money, animal care or training and the list goes on.

That thing, that you know you are great at…BE that.

Why is it important and what happens when we all choose to BE?

This is what I know for sure. If each of us lives from Love, the experience here as a human will evolve to a far greater consciousness. This is happening.

I also know for sure that each of us is here with an inner Light to shine and share. Not all of us will have a grand, world changing purpose. Some of us will have the greater purpose to Love, be joyful and to share that joy and happiness. Both ends of the scale are just as important to humanity, to spirit, to source and to us as individuals.

The only thing that will bring true, inner peace, joy and harmony to us, and all others in this lifetime and beyond, is to be Being YOU.

When will you begin?

Write the list, take a step towards your most authentic life. Move away from denial of self, move towards your hearts calling.

We all need your Light. We all need you to be YOU.

Love x