Trish Rock - https://trishrock.comIn 1993, my husband at the time and I decided to sell everything and move states. I sold my thriving salon business, we sold all the furniture, packed up the kids (mine, his and ours) and went.
The loudest comments at the time were:

How can you just pack up and go?

My answer: Easy! Just pack up and go!

In 2009, as my daughter was finishing Year 12, I decided again, to sell everything and move on. With no responsibilities except myself, I didnt particularly want to be living where I was. So, I sold the house, my salon much of what I owned and moved states again.
The loudest comments again: How can you just sell everything and go?
My answer, again, : Easy! I just sell everything and move!

After working with so many hundreds of women over the past 30 years there is one thing that really stands out for me-

So many people believe that their external and physical ‘stuff’ is bringing them more happiness than their internal level of joy, peace and true happiness.

To be ‘without’ that security is really frightening and keeps many people living a life in quiet sadness. This goes for men and women.

Now dont get me wrong, the external comforts of life are great and yes, will create joy and happiness due to the security and comfort of living and the freedom of not worrying about money etc however to be unattached to it will bring so much more inner and outer abundance.

Following your heart rather than your fear of ‘giving everything up and feeling insecure’ will bring you love and connection like never before. With it comes a freedom of spirit, a freedom of lightness and a freedom of knowing its all about the moment…and being totally in love with it.

MOVING from where you are now to living your truth does not necessarily mean a change of circumstance…or state/country! You can move towards your own internal happiness right where you are…now. Its a choice.