What You See In Others Is In You

Have you ever admired someone?

Thought what they were doing , or had done, was totally amazing?Trish Rock www.trishrock.com

Have you ever complimented another person on what a brilliant job they did or how incredibly talented they are?

Seems to be an obvious answer to this question and yes…the answer is most likely you have.

Over my lifetime, and especially in the past few years of more intensive personal development, I have come to realise that we see in others what we also possess, or have as a trait, ourselves.

I am constantly admiring others, encouraging, lifting and celebrating success. I love doing it and it comes naturally to me. It makes a difference, to the other person and to me.

I also see this happening all the time on social media. Some people are coming from a place of encouragement and total celebration but I also see another side.

More of a feeling actually. And the reason I feel it is because I was once there.

The feeling I am talking about is coming from a place of ‘they are obviously better than me” or “I could never be like that” or “I could never do that” or “I’m not as good as that”.

Its a comparing point of view. It doesn’t serve well and from experience, it can be really paralysing!

Here is a different way to feel into what you notice in others.

Remember this truth- you can only see in others what you have within yourself.

So…whatever it is you see in another that you are praising, celebrating, admiring or loving…you also have that in you!

Awesome isn’t it!

Of course it goes for negative too but thats a whole other topic 😉

Here’s what I want you to do. Next time you see someone in life, or on social media, that you are saying ‘well done’ ‘congrats!’ ‘you’re awesome!’ ‘I admire you greatly’ to, say it and feel it for YOURSELF too. Think about what the qualities are in that person and find them in yourself. They are there!

Whatever you are admiring is in you.

Once you can really get this, your encouragement will be as much for the mirror you are seeing of yourself as it will be for the person showing you the reflection. Its very awesome and it feels soooo much better that coming from a place of empty comparisons.

It will serve you and the other in a far better way by staying in loving energy. We ALL grow.

I admire you. I think you are one amazing person. You are a changemaker. Your smile makes a difference 🙂