I caught a glimpse of myself today, just randomly, in a reflection on a window.

My immediate thought was – hey, that looks like a nice warm and caring lady. I would go speak with her. She looks like she has nice energy.

Interesting thoughts really, as not so long ago this would not have been the case. The self condemning statements would have played out- Whoa! Your hair looks awful today!, You need more makeup, you look tired,you look fat etc, etc.

The way we evolve as individuals is just that- an individual experience. No amount of force can make any of us change what we are not ready or willing to change.

When I came to the point (and Ive actually been there a few times!) when the pain of staying as I was became far greater than the pain (perceived) of change, that’s when the magic happened.

Moments like today really touch my heart, not only because I am a nicer and more loving person these days but because I can recognize it in myself now. It took some work!

The biggest thing to remember as humans I think is that even though we may feel separate from others, in a physical way, we are all connected. We are all connected to everything. We are everything.

So seeing my reflection today, and liking it, was a big statement and confirmation to me that I am more than what I see with human eyes, I am energy itself. I am Love. This, I now know, and I feel connected. And when we are connected to Love, and the energy that is us, how could we be anything BUT loving towards ourselves and others?

Yes, there will always be the physical aspect of us but when we live from Love energy, from the truth of who we are, then we will love what we see- warts and all.

How do you feel when you see your reflection?

Is it still a challenge for you to accept your humanness- warts and all?

What if, you could look into your eyes right now, into the pupil, into the infinite….

What would you see? WHO would you see?

One of the things I have done to see myself in a more loving way was to see everyone else that way first. Seeing everyone through the eyes of Love, finding something about them that was amazing, something about them that was beautiful, and something about them that was glowing. Its very easy with some people, and challenging with others, but as we actually grow to see more and more of the Love in others, we then also recognize that as we are all connected, then whatever I see in you, is also in me.

So, to be kind, loving and appreciative of others, also means we are treating ourselves that way.

Of course, the opposite is also true and when we don’t like what we see in ourselves, it is also very challenging to see that in others. Put another way- when we see things we don’t like in others, it is always something about ourselves that we are denying or condemning.

When you begin to see the loving energy, the truth, of all whom you come across, then you see yourself, beautiful, loving, vibrant, in all whom you come across.

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If a brief reflection in some glass can hold so much meaning, imagine what meaning each moment could have in our lives if we were truly aware?

Maybe, if we just made the decision to have our thoughts right here, right now, where it matters, we would see the most incredible things, we would feel the most amazing Love, we would meet ourselves in every moment.

Are you ready to see your magnificence?