The Story Of Love…The Story Of Us

It is my belief that through our whole entire life, from birth to death, we are re- membering our connection and oneness to Love.

We are energy. We are source. We are God. We are Love. We are connected to all. We are creators. We are…Divinity.

Every experience we have will show us Love. Whether it is the love we learn and show to others, or the love that others show to us. It is all OUR love.

Sometimes life for me feels brilliant, open, Joyful, flowing, miraculous, spontaneous, magical and fun.

Other times I forget I am connected and one with all, and in that disconnection I feel isolated, lost and out of alignment.

Each experience, whether fabulous or disconnected, will bring us back to Love.

We can either feel and see Love in ourselves, or we see it in others. Same thing.

One powerful notion to hang on to is that even if we cannot at times feel the Love within ourselves or for ourselves, remember that the Love we see other people feel or show is us too. We are all connected.

He is me. She is me. I am you.

Our story here in this lifetime will be unique, it will be our story, it will be a powerful story, it will be a fabulous story but there will always be one thing that brings all of our stories together:

They are all bringing us back to the re-membering that we are pure Love essence in a human body, here to experience life, create, grow and increase the power of Love for the whole.

‘As one drop of the ocean, yet still the whole ocean, Love is never outside of ourselves’

Love. Celebrate that in yourself and in others. Not only will it FEEL better and more in alignment but the whole human experience will be SO much more fun, joyful and miraculous!

The gift of you is the Love of the ocean. One drop, yet only oneness.

Love x