A Conversation With Jesus About Ascended Masters, Angels, Humans and Life

Ive had several angels, spirits, guides, and people I know that have passed, come to me, or have become aware of their presence over my lifetime.

The first one I truly remember, although I feel Ive been aware, and able to channel for a very long time, was when I was very early 20’s. My deceased father came and sat with me on my bed. I felt the weight of him there, my eyes remained closed but I felt that it was his presence and had a reassuring message from him that everything was going to be ok. I was going through a hard time at that point in my life.

It gave me the rememberance of the connection we all have, to everyone and everything. We are all energy and are always connected, even when the physical passes.

There are many more stories but tonight, I became aware of the presence of Jesus. This is very confronting for me. My childhood turned me off religion and all the pomp and ceremony surrounding it. Plus, all the falseness and power that it represents.

But, here it was, as I meditated in a powerful circle of likeminded people tonight, the spirit, essence, feeling, knowing, that Jesus was there with me.

I wasn’t sure why. I had to trust and go with it rather than question it.

Then, the message: Trish, why do you question this is me yet are not afraid or confused when other energies appear?

Good question.

I feel its all the ‘bad press’ Jesus gets and all the associated feelings, memories, falseness, lies, hype, power and mind control and everything else associated with this name and person.

Then I asked Jesus why my thoughts were like this and what the realness was. Was he so different to you and I? Was the idolising of him separating people from who they truly are too?

Here is his message:

I was here as a human. A spirit in a physical body and environment, experiencing life for the experience and expansion of all. Just as you are.

My connectedness to who I was, was far greater than anyone else (that cared to step forward) and it was this belief and knowing in my power and that I was the creator, that made others either worship me or persecute me. This was part of my experience too, and the experience of all others. All perfect and in Divine timing of course!

You are no different to me. We are all energy, connected, one.

Do you not remember how you fed the hungry? How you shifted the water? How you healed the sick?

Everything about me is in you too. Everything in you is also now in me.

A messenger from source, a knower of creation and connection I simply remembered, and shone my Light unto the world so that all of you could also remember your greatness, remember the creator you are, remember the Love you are.

The greatest remembrance of all is to view everything from the eyes of Love, without judgment, without criticism, without fear. To look, in neutrality, in Love, at everyone and everything. This is simply what I did and how I lived, as have all the other Ascended Masters and spiritual leaders in this existence of life.

Your guides, angels, ascended masters, including me, all come, when you are ready to truly know yourself and the All That Is that is you.

More and more now we see connection, we see less power and control and we see light, having the courage to shine.

I don’t look for your worship, as if I am separate to you, or greater, I wish for the remembering of yourself, of your own power, of your own Light and the knowing of your connection to all.

Life is being experienced through you, through all of you, and that experience expands everyone and everything. Every new drop in the ocean expands the ocean, and a single drop can be out of the ocean yet still be a part of the ocean.

As the collective consciousness expands through the experience of every experience, so does creation expand and thrive, through you.

I love you


What a most beautiful message. Im feeling very blessed tonight and I feel I have such a deeper understanding of it all… everything… this game of life… the connection… the love… the Light… the All That Is.

This message is for you, for all of us. I bring it to life with Love.

BE the Light.

Trish xo