Trish Rock https://trishrock.comWe all have them…the crash and burn, just when we thought things were flowing along nicely. It may be a short fleeting moment of clarity when we move quickly from one direction to another. It may be a total breakdown of the current reality. Whatever it is for you, at the time, it is always also a gateway to the breakthrough.

We may all have this happen at some stage but what we dont all have is the tools to move forward, the insight to know it is a normal part of life or the ‘way’ to deliberately create something better.

I now see these breakdowns in life as a true blessing. A gift from God that  shows us a better way, shows us what we need to see but have been blind too, gives us the words we need to hear that we may have been ignoring. People arrive to help us, opportunities to grow show up, seemingly from out of nowhere and the chance to look at things from a different point of view is available to us.

Its a chance to really get honest with ourselves about what we are resisting and what is blocking us from embracing the magnificent Divine spirit we are, in this human body and life experience.

Until I realised this though, many years ago, it was a challenge to ‘snap’ out of. It was through those years when people would advise me to go on anti depressant drugs to ‘fix’ my problem.

One thing I am truly grateful for in this lifetime is the inner ‘knowing’ that drugs were not going to ‘fix’ my problem. They would mask whatever was happening. Not fix it.

This past week has given me a chance to look at my life and reassess where my passions are and what I am doing to reach my bigger vision in this lifetime. My ‘cocooning’ lasted a longer time than has been normal over the past few years and I can only expect that my butterfly wings will be bigger and wider as a result.

I had so many wonderful people and messages from God, angels and human angels this past week I feel so truly blessed and I wanted to offer some ways that may help others who are emerging from something, or dont know how to rise up and empower themselves.

If this is you, here are 7 ways you can become empowered, get back to spirit and get back to the truth of you, the love you truly are and will always be.

1. Feel it.

Its important to feel into whatever is happening. In your body. In your mind. In your heart. Feel the emotions but know they are only a cleansing of old ideas, old beliefs and old thoughts. The ego mind gets very protective of these and when it can sense you letting go, it will go into action by bringing up all sorts of emotions in an attempt to have to stop. Dont believe everything that is going on in your head.

The sooner you can sit with your feelings and emotions and accept them, the sooner they will dissolve.

2. Question.

Question every thought you are having. It is really true? This will bring you out of the mind and monkey chatter into better answers. You will also begin to get answers from the Universe which will arrive in the form of people, words, songs, thoughts, signs, and very ‘random’ events (although we all know there is no such thing as random 😉 )

3. Ask your angels for answers.

Be quiet…they will answer you immediately. Trust it.

4. Reach out.

There are always supportive people there to help you. You can be stubborn like me and resist that, or you can do it the easy way and simply ask for help. They are there. They will help. If you feel you have no support, simply ask the Universe to send you help. It will come. Have faith and know that you are deserving of support.

5. Write.

Writing clears out the bullshit. It really does. Even if you hate writing, just grab a pen or pencil and write as much as you can and want to. It doesnt have to make sense. You can burn it afterwards and you dont even have to read it! but it will clear your mind of the stuff that is going round and round in circles.

6. Listen/Read/Watch empowering people or words.

Get a book that will inspire you to move forward and read it. Find an audio to listen to that will change your thoughts. Find a Youtube video or DVD that will show you how to return to stillness in your mind so that you can return to love. Even better- watch something that will make you laugh. Go play a bit…which brings me to the next one….

7. Smile.

This will change your mood, if only for a moment. But then if you do it again, and again, and again…Laughing takes the attention off what is bogging you down. It gives you a different focus so that you are better able to either laugh it off or look at the resistance or blocks you have had to make you feel like this in the first place. This process is always better with a friend but it will work in front of a mirror also.

Here are 2 extra things that will help:

Affirmations- remember that the words I AM are powerful. So rather than be there saying negative I AM’s which will bring you more of them, begin to say positive and empowering I AM’s such asTrish Rock

  • I am worthy
  • I am loving
  • I am abundant
  • I am alive and buzzing with energy
  • I am a powerful creator and
  • I am creating my own reality, right now, in this moment.

Chakra energy – Do an energy clearing on your chakra centres. This can be as easy as swirling your hands in front of you over each chakra point with the intention of having the energy move faster. Do it a few times, up and down your body until you feel more energised and grounded.

Remember this my beautiful friend…nothing in this life is sent our way without reason.

You may not see it right now but believe me, whatever this moment is bringing into your experience, whether positive or negative, is enriching your soul, growing your spirit and enhancing the experience we are having as a whole on this planet.

Be empowered to find the truth about you, to find the love, to find the Divine. It is calling you to be discovered. This is who you are. Remember.