TRish Rock   This past 2 weeks I have not only moved house, and state, but have been minding my sister’s house, 3 children, dog and business. It has been a crazy busy time, with my own business also in there in the mix of things to do, build and create! One thing that has really been noticeable though is the old feelings of overwhelm, constant activity (for others) and responsibility to be all, to everyone, and to be everywhere, for everyone, with no time for myself. Back when I was running my own family, household and 2 businesses I dealt with the madness by consuming alcohol at the end of every shift (AKA day lol) but this didn’t leave me enriched or abundant in any way. It didn’t bring me back to ME either and without that grounding, life takes on a type of ‘grind’ rather than a ‘zest for living’. Fortunately though, I now practice and have learned many ways to stay grounded and in my power, so these last 2 weeks have been very different in mindset, energy and joy. I have managed to achieve most of the days tasks with joy and grace and have not beaten myself up about the tasks that I couldn’t fit in. I have also managed to reduce my stress levels (being out of alignment) to nearly nothing which has been fascinating to experience! Being, and remaining awesome begins with your attitude and mindset about your own value and also on how YOU see and feel about everything that is going on around you. I would like to share with you how you can stay centred, on purpose and in alignment with self, no matter how crazy busy you appear to be or feel you are. The trick here is to be CONSCIOUS and WILLING to take these times and opportunities for yourself. DO NOT feel selfish for doing so. You deserve to feel joy. You deserve time for YOU. How To: Remain Awesome At All Times

  • Get up earlier, or stay up later, to achieve what you need to in your business – and feel gratitude for the opportunity not resentment for the different time schedule.


  • When stopped at traffic lights, breathe deeply 3 times. Then smile to yourself and say ‘Awesome!’ (Punch the air or high five yourself if you must…I dont mind 😉 )


  • Take an extra few minutes when showering to just stand there, eyes closed, and let the beautiful feeling of running water fill you with joy. Breathe deeply and pretend they are drops of love and light, filling you with everything you need to be the best you possible.


  • If you have an animal: hold it, pat it, talk to it. Great comfort, love and grounding can be easily achieved this way (plus it’s just great to have that time with your pet!)


  • You can sneak a few minutes to yourself every time you use the bathroom. (unless you have very small toddlers – or dogs in my case now!- who like to join you there too lol). No one will miss you for that extra minute or two and it can make a big difference to how you are feeling by simply taking time to exercise a few deep breaths of gratitude and love. (I have always found that affirmations  placed in this room always help to bring me back to what’s important in life)


  • When at the supermarket, walk a little slower and think about how fortunate you are to actually even have this opportunity to gather all you need in one place! It’s a gift.


  • At the end of the day, or sometimes during the day too, consciously think about anything you may have said out of frustration to a loved one that may have left them feeling less than loved. Talk to that person and let them know it was not them you were reacting too but the feeling you were having at the time. YOU will feel better and THEY will appreciate it immensely. We can all say things in a moment of stress. Take care of any misunderstandings before the day is out.

These techniques and exercises have truly helped me now for many years. I wish I had known how to stay centred back when I was running my own household. I would not have felt so lost. I would not have had to numb myself each night to stop my thoughts. It’s important to know yourself and to be the best version of yourself because this serves others, and you, in a much better way. I hope this will help get you through some crazy busy days and to be totally present with what you are doing, where you are heading, and who you are with…right now. Trish