5 Ways To Bring Change & Freedom Into Your Life in 2020

Where are you at in your life right now?

Does life feel right for you? It is filled with ease and happiness? Is it fulfilling?

Do you LOVE, or at least have a reason, to start the day with enthusiasm for what is to come?

Or, are you just getting through it as best you can and asking for change? Asking and praying that your life will transform into the dream you have, of that life that feels good every day!

I used to be there. Ground hog day. Wondering what the magic formula was to inner happiness and a life that was fulfilling in all ways. A life where I truly was curious each day about what would transpire and what magic would show up!

I thought I was lost and had to find myself.

But years later I realised the truth of where I was- I needed to find my freedom.

This realisation made a big energetic difference to how I showed up, how I changed and what I began doing on a daily basis.

You see feeling lost is a different energy to feeling more freedom.

Say it to yourself right now.

“ Do I need to find myself?

Do I need to find more freedom?”

Which feels better for you?

You have the choice now to invite change in. The choice to decide to transform your life. This year of 2020 is a year of stability, of restructure, of laying down the home plate that feels good to you and knowing it is there to support you in your growth.

So, if you are ready, here are 5 Ways To Bring Change & Freedom Into Your Life in 2020:

  1. Identify what it is you want to change and why

This is the beginning. This is the work. This is where the answers are. This is the gold.

This first step is also the one that brings up the most fears, old beliefs, mind chatter and self sabotage and as such, does not even get started a lot of the times.

You end up feeling like it’s all too hard yet you keep saying and asking- I wish things would change!

They won’t magically change until you give instruction as to how you want your transformation to look and feel. You also have to believe it IS possible and that you deserve it!

This is where the differentiation of feeling ‘lost’ and wanting more ‘freedom’ comes into play.

Simply trying to ‘find yourself’ is too broad and could keep you in limbo lost land for many years as it did me!

But identifying where you want more freedom, now THAT is when the answers start flowing in.

Meditate on this one. Ask the question for each area of your life. You may actually be surprised at the answers!

  1. Write a list of the ‘nows’ and then the ‘will be’s’

Next I want you to take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. This is also an energy ‘drawing of the line in the sand’ for you to say- Im done! Im ready for change!

The answers you received when you did step 1, write them down in the left hand column.

You will be writing those areas of your life where you want change. Write them as present tense, for example:

  • I feel restricted at work
  • I am struggling with finances
  • I am sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • I want more happiness in relationships

And so on, whatever comes up for you.

Then in the opposite column on the right hand side, write the ‘will be’s’ that you desire. For example using the 4 above I would write something like:

  • I love the freedom I have at work
  • Money flows to be easily
  • I love the feeling of well being
  • My relationships bring me so much joy!

You can make a short list here or a long lost! Its up to you but if you can identify at least 1 area or thing that you want to change and feel more freedom in, you will be on your way!


  1. Read the ‘will be’s daily to yourself and FEEL into each one.

The next step is to feel into the ‘will be’s’ and begin to live that feeling.

It may be challenging when you first begin to say these things out loud, because your reality will not be reflecting it. But keep going because after a while things do shift, things do change and what you speak- becomes reality. (Keep this in mind for what you don’t want too! What you speak becomes reality!)

If you can end each day and start each day with the thoughts and feelings of what ‘will be’ then you are setting up great transformational energy each day.

Start to feel the freedom in what you are asking for and dreaming into your life.

On a side note, the actual choice to feel freedom now, is there for you right now no matter what is happening around you. This exercise will not only bring  more freedom to you but will help you understand that CHOICE of how you feel in any moment is always a freedom you have.

  1. Decide daily based on your new values and don’t self sabotage

As you go about your days, old beliefs, fear and the ego mind will try to sabotage you on your path to freedom.

Decisions need to be based on the ‘will be’ list and not the ‘now’ list.

For example, if you are offered a new position at work- decide based on how you will feel there. Will it bring you:

  1. (From Left side list)- I feel Restricted at work, or
  2. (From the right side list) – I love the freedom I have at work.

These new values will take you closer to the reality and the changes you wish for. Why? Because you are choosing and making decisions from your new energy and thoughts of freedom, rather than lack.

  1. 1 small step daily will be a powerful change by the end of the year.

You are already on your way to change just by taking the time to make this list! Even if you only added one thing to it.

Every small step in the right direction brings you closer to your dream. Some days you may feel you can leap 3-4 steps ahead and then others days, only half a step but if you decide, right now, that your freedom is important to you and you choose to follow in the direction of it, I promise you that each little movement forward on a daily basis will take you where you want to be.

You did not get where you are now, feeling lost or restricted, in just a few days. It has taken a lifetime for many of you!

Honour yourself now by deciding that you have the power to change things in your life. Identifying them will bring you the daily clarity you need to do that.

When I was just trying to find myself, I wandered through the desert searching for water holes to keep me going. They were few and far between.

When I started searching for the freedom I wanted- my world became an oasis.

Blessings on your journey to freedom!

Trish Rock | Transformation Catalyst | Intuitive Psychic

Trish helps you Connect with your Soul’s Vision, find Freedom & Purpose again with Ease, Grace & Flow to Live YOUR Most Authentic & Empowered Life.

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