Its only a story…

One thing in life that is certain is that we all have a story. I have mine, and I see and hear many others daily. Some may call it a different word, like circumstance, situation, experience, habits, addictions, feelings, ‘my lot in life’…you get the picture.

This story we tell ourselves and others…is it really true? Have you ever asked that? We decide what the truth is for us and if we are in a story that is not truth for us, we have the power and ability to change it.Trish Rock

I realised while talking to a friend a while back that I had a story on health. Because of some things that happened while growing up, I chose not to be sick. My story? ‘I dont get sick” And I dont. Well, rarely. Because I dont believe in it.

This really gave me clarity on other areas in my life and when I realised that the discord I felt in these areas was ‘just my story’ about it, wow…everything changed.

But thinking today about the things in my life that I have changed, I realised that ‘changing the story’ rather than ‘giving something up’ had so much more power and made a lot more sense! 

This is actually what I done over the years (without even knowing it actually!). The different addictions I have ditched were not because I ‘gave anything up’. That would have had me feeling a loss, and it doesnt work when you feel loss. By ‘changing my story’ or ‘desiring a different story than I had’,  I easily dropped bad habits that I didnt wish to have affecting my body and life and mind anymore. Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, depression, men and then the beliefs about money and relationships…I simply changed the story I told myself and others.

And anyone who has a story they dont currently feel at ease with, can do the same. It takes a decision…and a better story.

We are all brilliant storytellers…why not tell the story you REALLY want for your life. Thats where it all starts.

Here are 3 things you can actively do TODAY to start writing the story you desire:

1. Make the decision. This is the first step, and the most difficult. One thing that has always helped me with decisions is this: The decision to stay in the current story was always more frightening than making a new decision, and changing the story.

2. Grab a piece of paper and write down how your life will look with this new decision. Write it from the heart, from feeling, not from the head. Logic often needs to be thrown out the door when re writing your story because it will have all of those voices talking to you in your ear! You know the ones…the ones that say you cant. Ignore them!

3. Believe it to be true. See yourself as that person. This may take some time so dont beat yourself up if it doesnt come easily. My friends will tell you that some ‘story changes’ took me quite a while! AND I am still building the story in some areas too. But dont give up on yourself.

Once you begin this process, things will change. They will start with small things, maybe even go unnoticed, but have faith that the Universe is aligning everything…just for you to become your new story. Trust me on this one!

Honour yourself, love yourself and trust yourself…You are worthy of the best and life is a series of stories, constantly evolving and expanding. With new knowledge comes new desires. With new desires come new stories that you can dream up for yourself.