Worthiness…I believe it is one of the most challenging things for us as humans to ‘remember’ once our ‘humanness’ takes over our realness..our essence…our divine love truth.

It is certainly a big part in my evolution and why I believe I am here to teach others this important truth about themselves too.

In learning and growing in this area, one of the most challenging thoughts is to begin to recognise that everyone who tests this worthiness within has actually been called forth by you.

Frustration, anger, sadness, insecurity or any of the other emotions that come up, are all indicators of what YOU need to be looking at within your self, not blaming the other person for. This i really difficult at first and I know from the experience of having lived through it, blame is a far easier option most of the time! The trouble is, blame will only create more anger and dis-ease within your mind and body, it will not solve the problem and it certainly doesnt affect the other person (as we hope it will do sometimes!) because many times they are even unaware of our hurt or anger!Trish Rock https://trishrock.com

It is actually a great blessing that our emotions are touched in this way for we then know that we are open to the lesson we are being shown…by the other person. To have your mind in this place will bring you more peace than you thought possible.

Every time we feel resistance or feel we are being ‘rubbed up’ the wrong way is a sure sign we have something to release, an old belief about ourselves we are ready to explore and let go of and a message of our inherent worthiness in that area. Whether it be love, money, education, business, friendships, physical appearance or any other area of life, if you dont totally believe you are worthy of it…it will be shown to you externally, by the people you meet.

My area is predominantly love, and feeling worthy of love has been, and continues to be, the journey for me. Even though I feel more worthy every day, the people I am calling forth into my life are showing me the areas I still need to strengthen within myself. Every time I think I have finally reached that place of ‘knowing’ my worth, another person tests me in some way by evoking an emotional reaction within me. Over the past few years I have learned not to stay in that emotion but to explore it, see it for what it is, learn from it and let it go because getting ‘stuck’ in the emotion just compounds the feeling of unworthiness.

To actually see each of your emotional responses, or reactions, as a flashing neon light for your attention to look deeper, is very rewarding. Happiness usually follows, as does an increased awareness of your perfection in the scheme of things and your divinity in this lifetime. It takes some practice though. Practice in letting go. It is not an easy thing to do!

Here are 3 steps that you can follow that may help. They have assisted me when I felt like it was all just getting too difficult and still help to ground me when the big lessons are taking place.

1. Breathe

Stop, take a big breath in, all the way down to the bottom of your lungs, hold it, release. Do this 3 times preferably with your eyes closed. This will bring your attention back to you, not the emotion you are feeling.

2. Look at the reaction you are having to the situation/words that were said or not said/person that has upset you or whatever it is for you.

Ask yourself: why do I feel this way? This situation would not affect another person this way…why is it getting this reaction from me?

This will separate what you are feeling from the person or thing you are feeling it about, thereby taking away blame and anger for that person, and allowing you to focus on the real reason these feelings may be arising – an old pattern or thought process may be coming to your attention so that you may change it.

3. Be grateful for the messenger for they have a sacred contract with you in this lifetime to bring you this message.

You may not like how it is delivered but sometimes, when we are not seeing the subtle messages all around us, the Universe has to really slam it in our face!

Stay calm, have a friend that you can call to talk things through and have a feeling of delight that you are one step closer to believing and knowing how worthy you are in this area!

It is a blessing indeed to have these souls care enough about me to bring me these messages. I am grateful for them all. It is often a challenging time when these emotions arise but if I can see them as the perfect thing, the perfect message, in the perfect  timing for me to clear this block…then everything changes. And it can change for you too.

All that is required is the willingness to see things differently than you have been. To know that everything that happens is always about you…not the other person.

May you see your worth today…in every person…in every set of eyes you look into…in every beautiful flower…in every divine act of nature.