Happiness is a CHOICE

Today, rather than expecting the ‘outside world’ or your ‘external’ circumstances to bring you happiness (which it wont in many cases) focus on what YOU can do to CREATE it.

Happiness is a state of mind. Try these 10 ways to arrive there, today.Trish Rock https://trishrock.com

 1. Wake up to something inspirational every day.

Have a piece of music ready to listen to on your ipod, a poem, a book, your gratitude journal, a beautiful picture.  Anything that puts you in a loving, warm state of being. 10 to 30 minutes would be great!

2. Breakfast is important

A healthy breakfast is vital for sustained energy throughout the day.   Your health is vital for producing great work, long hours and happy thoughts!

3. Get to your office/up early before everyone else

Sit and have a tea/coffee without being interrupted and basically assess anything that needs to be done while you have a clear mind. Being organised before the madness makes a huge difference to your day!

4. Create a peaceful, happy atmosphere in your workplace or home

A beautiful, calm atmosphere can be created easily in your home or workspace. This will help you to have the best experience. Burn calming oils such as lavender or sandalwood, put on relaxing or uplifting music (depending on who is listening) and basically set the mood that you want to have. A beautiful vase of flowers sets a wonderful mood as does something of interest such as an inspirational poem, a joke or an event to get excited about.

5. Monitor your thoughts and words.

What you say and think throughout the day are key to having a better, happy day. Only say joyful, positive statements and monitor your thoughts so they are in alignment with your inner peace and joy. Don’t allow anyone elses thoughts to bring you down or create negativity. If you need to, get by yourself for a few minutes after a negative experience and think about someone you love in your life. This should get your thoughts back to a good place.

6. Value yourself and have a break during the day.

YOU ARE IMPORTANT! If you don’t look after yourself and have a break, you will be less effective in your business and at home. If you are not hungry then at least have a stretch, short walk or sit in the sun! Recharge and energise to get you through the rest of the day with ease and joy.

7. Tidy up at night

By spending 20 – 30 minutes at the end of each day to tidy up and get ready for the next day you will set your self up to a better start the next morning. A tidy home or office, with your to-do list ready and waiting is a better start to the day than the madness of clutter.

8. Spend quality time with your family/partner/children

It is so important to have quality time with your loved ones at home. Your business, while it may consume a lot of your time,energy and thoughts, is never as important as your family and friends. When you get home-be home in body and mind. Forget about work for a while and concentrate on family. When they have gone to bed, you can get your mind back onto work related topics.

9. Go to bed 1/2 hour earlier than normal and read something educational

Your continuing education and personal development are crucial for a happy life. Happiness comes from within so by studying how to become better from the inside , life will work a lot better and easier for you each day. 

10. Write down 5 things you are grateful for today.

At the end of each day, just before you do to sleep, write down 5 things that you are grateful for in your gratitude journal. If you have a partner you could discuss it together instead of writing it. You could also include your children in this when sitting at the table they all have to say what they are grateful for that day. It is a lovely and powerful way to end the day and it puts your thoughts in a good place before sleep, which in turn helps you to wake up with these good thoughts or better!

Enjoy these tips. Live an empowered life. Is YOUR choice.



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