The results my clients experience during a session are amazing. They gain clarity in many areas of their life and the ‘way’ to move forward with ease.

Spirit comes to visit quite often and the messages are even more profound.

Here are some of the comments after a session with me:

‘Calling all earth Angels.. That means you … We are all angels in training.

My experiences with Trish have been uplifting. After discovering her by accident on FaceBook. And, I am blessed to have spoken to Trish…..

Her intuitive energy has touched my heart and soul, she is unbelievably open, honest, in touch and angelic. Her words of wisdom, intuition and truth speak to me on a daily basis.

I believe she heals your heart and soul with her deep vibration of human understanding like no other.

Believe me she has a God sent gift to ease your pain, believe in yourself and find the key to unlock the mystery from within yourself..

She is a spirit guide in so many ways. Very accurate, calm and speaks very gently to you…

You will feel at ease with this unique being. Take a step forward in your life and contact Trish for help…

It was meant to be that you are now reading my words. Follow your inner voice. You are on the right track. Wishing you love and happiness beyond the earthy realm.

Bless you and believe in yourself that you deserve the very best life has to offer.

Call Trish , she will guide you into the path your meant to be … With Much Love,’   Marta


‘Trish is a friend and generous Lightworker with a passion for her craft. Not only is she a gifted healer and intuitive, but is filled with life and love.

I would not hesitate to recommend Trish to anyone looking to challenge their current path with further knowledge, or to someone who may be ready to receive the gift of mentorship. ‘

Jacqui Cooper Jacqui


 Thank you so much for my reading Trish. It clarified a lot of what’s going on in my life at the moment and made sense of things that I was confused about. I highly recommend everyone to get readings off you. Thanks again xx ‘ Toni


Just had an intuitive reading with Trish Rock
I had my pen and paper ready to write as much as I could, expecting a flow of information to come pouring forth.
But it didn’t. We effectively had a conversation around forgiveness and unexpectedly my father, who passed away over 40 years ago, came through with a simple but deep message that brought me to tears.

I had asked Trish for the reading because of the energy related to timing around our contact on FB and because it felt like the right time for me – and so it was.

Thanks Trish.’  Richard


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