Feeling Safe to Move Forward

Often in life we have these dreams and goals for ourselves and our reality that seem out of reach.

We have a vision of how they may look and feel too. So clear, calling us daily, but at the same time keeping us in fear.

Why is that and have you ever felt this about a dream you have for yourself or your life?

One of the biggest reasons you could be stuck in fear rather than stepping into that life you desire is that it doesn’t feel safe. You have been indoctrinated with so many beliefs, stories, and fears plus you have also made up your own along the way and these all contribute to telling you that change is not safe. It is that ego part of you that is doing its job by protecting you from harm and failure. And rightly so, this is what you have subconsciously instructed it to do.

So, how can you begin to feel safe with the new place in life you wish to be, in the new reality you are dreaming of?

This is one of the reasons why the 5 steps in The PEACE Process: Tools to Align & Prosper, my new book, work so well.

You see, when you can truly feel and see and experience the new, the fear will dissipate.

Step 1 of the PEACE processPerceive Peace and Prosperity in Parallel Realities, takes you to a parallel reality where you are already living the desired outcome. By seeing this, experiencing this (it is you, it’s all you across all time and space and different realities where different scenarios are playing out with different personas identified.) the fear around not feeling safe will subside because the ‘unknown’ is now ‘known’.

You already know yourself now as this new desired outcome. You have already brought these elements into you, now. SO the feeling of safety will allow you to then take the actions needed, the words that have the manifesting power and the energy and calm to truly bring this into your reality, now.

The next 4 steps in the process:

  • Embrace Forgiveness and Acceptance
  • Allow Self-Actualisation vs Self Sabotage
  • Connect with Yourself and Others in a Deep and Authentic Way
  • Engage with the Power of the New Normal

help you with the residual stories and old beliefs that will pop up and try to sabotage your progress and expansion. Once you feel safe moving forward though these steps become very fast and easy.

What is it that you have wanted to change in your life but are stuck or feel blocked? Maybe you even feel like you are not good enough, worthy enough, smart enough etc etc to have that vision you desire?

Stepping into the parallel reality where you ARE this will firstly show you that it IS possible, and it is possible for YOU. And secondly it will allow you to feel it, experience it, know it, be it, which will then translate to the transformation of that part of your life with ease.

You can have the life you desire. You already do in another reality playing out right now. Tune in. Remember who you truly are.

If you would like a copy of my new book The PEACE Process: Tools to Align & Prosper the PRE SALES are open! You can check it out here: www.trishrock.com/thepeaceprocess