Intention Candles

Introducing the I, Manifest: INTENTION Candle Range.

This beautiful range of Candles, made with 100% soy wax and Essential Oils, have a subtle mix of scents and energy healing properties that will enhance your meditation practice, your goal setting, your mood or calm and relax, for more focus.

Essential Oils work differently to Fragrance oils and have a much more subtle scent. But while the scent may not be as strong, the energy of the Essential Oil is filling the air and shifting the energy of the room, and you.

Typically a candle of this size, 60ml, will have a burn time of 10-12 hours. Candles should never be lit for more than 4 hours at a time.

Depending on what your intention is, enjoy:

Prosper: When contemplating new ideas or business, when meditating, when working in your office

Romance: When looking to enhance the atmosphere and mood when in a romantic situation, when romancing yourself, when meditating and visioning a new romantic partner.

Focus: When concentration and focus is needed to complete a task, when studying or reading, when completing a block of work

Uplift: When your spirit needs lifting, when you need higher energy and mood

Relax: When you wish to chill out after a long stressful day, when you need to unwind, use for an hour or two before bedtime for a more relaxed sleep.


Ylang Ylang (Happiness, gratitude, celebration, relieves stress and anxiety), Lavender (calms stress, relaxes), Cedarwood (masculine, grounding, calming), Rosewood (floral, woody aroma), Sweet Orange (uplifting)

The PROSPER candle, together with the ROOT Chakra guided meditation, will increase energy and flow in the Root Chakra, the chakra of grounding and prosperity, while clearing and increasing flow through your crown chakra, to connect with inspiration and the knowing of your core.

Decide to create more wealth in your life. Meditate and use this candle for a week or more with that intention and see what ideas or thoughts come, that will enhance your current financial situation, your business, your life or your relationships.

Remember, to PROSPER is to be abundant in all areas of life.


Sweet Orange (uplifting), Cedarwood (masculine, grounding, calming), Lavender (calms stress, relaxes), Palmarosa (rose geranium, floral), Rose Absolute (calming), Vanilla (rich warm aroma)

The ROMANCE candle, together with the SACRAL Chakra guided meditation, will open the heart chakra to love and magic. Cedarwood Essential Oils will create a feeling of security and certainty by stimulating your Root chakra energy which will give your presence more confidence. Perfect for attracting that ideal partner or enhancing an existing relationship, or even just for romancing yourself (you totally deserve it!)

Decide who or what it is you truly want to attract into your life. If you are already in a partnership, decide how you would like it to feel or grow in strength and love. These intentions can then be held for a week or more while using the candle and meditation to open your heart to every possibility.

Remember, an open heart can also mean opening up to loving yourself. ROMANCE yourself and build a better relationship with yourself, as well as a future partner or current partner.


Basil Sweet (focus, energizing, stimulating), Lemon (energizing and uplifting) and Rosemary (invigorating, refreshing, stimulating)

Need more focus?

The FOCUS candle along with the SOLAR PLEXUS guided meditation, will improve your concentration. Whether you are working on your business, in a job, or even on school exams, focus is vital to accomplish the daily tasks we face. A little focus directed in the right way can produce amazing results and the essential oils in this candle will help stimulate the mind and ground you, while relaxing the distracting thoughts that often make it hard to concentrate.

FOCUS can enhance all areas of life, everyday, by energizing and uplifting your mind and spirit.


Grapefruit White (energizing), Bergamot (calming, grounding, de-stress), Lavender (calms stress, relaxes), Tuberose (exotic, sweet, floral), Jasmine (uplifting, aphrodisiac)

The UPLIFT candle together with the HEART Chakra guided meditation will energize, relax and uplift your senses with the added pleasure of beautiful exotic sweet scents form Tuberose essential oil.

A great way to gain momentum and more joyful thoughts when daily life may have been dragging you down a little. Have it burning near you when meditating as well as for at least an hour afterwards, or while working.

To feel the UPLIFT of life is to feel joy.


Lavender (calms stress, relaxes and promotes sleep), Bergamot (calming, grounding, de-stress), Mandarin (calming, uplifting), Lemon (energizing and uplifting), Cedarwood (grounding, calming), Roman Chamomile (calming)

The RELAX candle together with the CROWN Chakra guided meditation will allow you to wind down, stop the mind from any chaotic thoughts and help you relax during the day when necessary or before bed, for a better sleep.

While meditating, have the intention to let all thoughts pass through the mind like clouds through the sky and breathe deeply and slowly.

RELAX, release, and revel in your Divine presence and magnificence.

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Postage is:

$8.40 for 1  candle.

$13.40 for 2 -7 candles

$14.80 for 7 -14

14 or more candles TBA

Currently only available in Australia.

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