What Will You Be Remembered For?

Your Divine Presence in this time space reality is the most influential thing you can give. Trish Rock

What legacy are you leaving in this lifetime?

Do you understand what this even means?

In the dictionary, ‘leaving a legacy’ is defined as:

  • leaving a gift or a bequest, something  that is handed down, is endowed through marriage or partnership or conveyed from one person to another.

It is something descendible one comes into possession of that is transmitted, inherited or received from a predecessor.’

It says that to leave a legacy is to either accomplish, bring about or achieve, or make contribution to society with; or to bequeath, assign, donate, give, leave, hand down, pass on or transmit by will.

What legacy do you intend to leave?

You know, for so long now I had real issues with this.

In the old male energy of society I felt that if I didn’t become famous, write a New York Times best seller, invent the next big thing or discover a cure for something then I could not leave a legacy worth leaving.

Only the ones that are talked about long after they die are the ones who have truly left a legacy of some value.

Do you ever feel like this?

For so many of us who have big dreams, visions, businesses, creativeness and inventiveness, the legacy of what we leave behind makes a difference to us.

I understand also that there are many others who don’t even think about it.

Maybe the simple act of leaving a life of ease available for our children is enough…

Personally, I think about it all the time. It makes me feel SO amazingly joyful to see my products and ideas out there in the marketplace. To walk into a shop and see my creations displayed and on sale. To hear from clients and friends about artwork I have created for them that have changed things in their life.

But these small things I create are not going to be remembered in 100 years when I am no longer here, nor my family.

The old energy of DOING something to leave a Legacy is not resonating with me, and many others anymore.

So what if…our ENERGY was the best Legacy we could contribute to this planet and Universe?

What if, the energy we shared was enough to change the world, over and over, one person at a time, one animal at a time, one plant at a time?

I truly admire the people who, in this lifetime, always have a smile for a stranger. Those who have a kind word for anyone they come across. Those who forgive, even when they are hurting.

I believe THAT is a Legacy that will change everything.


You see the thing is, we are energy and we are connected to all. The same energy vibration running through our body also runs through every other body, every other life form, every other planet and everything in between and beyond.

Our energy, in every moment, affects everything.

Your greatest Legacy in this lifetime could be this energy exchange that you are, that you have and that you BE.

Your energy could be a ripple effect throughout this reality and beyond that keeps the change going, just like the legacy of a great book that keeps giving, sharing and teaching change, year after year, lifetime after lifetime.

How could this work?

This ripple effect our energy has is ALWAYS working.

Are you consciously aware and in charge of what energy you are emitting moment to moment?

How did you show up for yourselves and others today?

This ripple effect of energy not only affects us and those immediately around us, but also those outside of the immediate also, such as the families and friends, the neighbours, the shop keeper, the assistant…and then all they are in energetic contact with. It’s a powerful notion and one that is so true, and yet so complex, that it is challenging to believe it to be true.

Each and every one of us has the ability to leave a Legacy so profound that it will affect generations to come.

As we enter the 5th dimension as a consciousness, we are beginning to care less about the physical and more about the energy behind it all. No, there is nothing wrong at all at having a vision and a determination to leave a physical legacy, and I would encourage you to do so! But I would also encourage you to be aware of the energetic imprint you leave in every moment, for this is what changes energetic fields and ultimately changes us, as a human race, and spirit.

This is why we came.

Our energy is Love. Leaving a Legacy of Energy means that one day, while you are still here, and beyond, people remember you for the energy you had, shared and healed with.

This is the core of my teachings and the awakening that so many of my clients have. The realization that what they are experiencing ‘bad’ energy from is nothing but a thought. A thought that can be shifted to a better energy. Put a whole lot of great energy together and the thoughts and ideas grow in a beautiful expansive environment.

It is something one comes into possession of that is transmitted, inherited or received from a predecessor.

This is ENERGY. And this is your Legacy.

Love xo



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