#30Blogs30Days #Day22

Today it really hit me…

With all the changes and achievements in my own life, I know I inspire people every day but how many changes am I making in my own life right now?

In the beginning of my journey change was challenging but not in all areas.

Some things are easy for me to say YES to and overcome fears and old beliefs but some areas, well they have taken longer and I have been a lot more stubborn with the changes.

One of the reasons I share my journey is to show others that it is possible.

One of the reasons I follow others who are change makers and leaders is to see that it is possible for me too!

So, do I do the things I do for me? Or for others?

I make the changes in my life for me. I have visions and dreams of how I will feel living my best life here at this time and each day I move towards it. I seek help when I need it. Educate myself when I need it. Break through fears when I need it. Ask for guidance from my higher self when I need it.

There are times when I also break down…when I need that too.

My wish is for all humans to know their inner essence. To understand they are more than they see, more than they experience. My wish is that we all become so empowered and in tune with our love and Being that no thing is harmed, no person is harmed, no piece of our planet is injured because it is so far from our consciousness to do that.

It requires this vow within ourselves first. Each individual must absolutely love who they are and really see who they are.

The oneness, connection, Essence.

So the small changes are vital for bigger change on this planet and while I am not on the frontlines of revolution or involved loudly in the change sweeping humanity right now, I am on an individual level making the changes within myself that will also help others.

I see the potential in people to truly shine and live their magnificent life. Only when they cannot break through the masks and fears, it really does sadden me but it also makes me want to be louder in my change, in my mission, in my inspiration to perhaps create a small window of opportunity for someone to have a seed of possibility planted that will eventually open the door to change for them.

After all, we are one and those people who show up in my life that are having challenges with change also show me that I, too, am right now blocking change in some way. Its a nice reminder to go back to the quiet inside to find the answers.

The options moving forward to change can often be scary, out of our comfort zone.

But it takes just one step out of this space to truly see the ease and wonder of the new.


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