I was laying in bed this morning thinking about the events coming up for the day.

My head starting kicking in and the storm of preconceived worry, future projections on outcomes, stress over what might be and what is already and…….

It happens so easily and from a place of peace and being in your heart space you can be transported almost immediately to that place of anxiety and worry.

I then remembered it was my Dads birthday today. 4th June 1927. He would have been 93. A grand old age! And as I contemplated this for a moment with a smile on my face I heard him whisper into my heart- Everything Will Be OK.

Its a message he has delivered many times, the first back when I was early 20’s.

He passed away when I was 21. I had not seen him since my teen years and in fact we did  not even know exactly where he was but we knew he was living in the Philippines.

We got word from his Dutch brother that he had passed. I was so sad, but amidst all of the sadness it was actually a relief in a way because for so many years I had been looking around corners, staring into crowds, looking for anyone resembling my father just in case….just in case he had come back.

A personal silent mourning.

Then a few years later I was living in a defacto relationship with a man whom had really gotten heavily into smoking marijuana and I had also begun this habit far too often and then daily.

I owned my Nail Salon business at this point and the affects of this habit were creating a lot of memory loss moments which was not good for my business nor my health!

So it had to go, and he had to go too.

Unfortunately it wasn’t that easy and there were many nights I was on suicide watch and under tension and fear of his knocking on my door. My son and I came home one day to everything gone from the house which was not pleasant and I felt so bad that my son had been brought into this grief too.

During the worst of this though, in bed one night, I had my eyes closed and I felt the end of the bed go down as if someone was sitting there. I couldn’t open my eyes but I knew it was my dad. He sat there for a few moments and told me – Everything will be ok.

I knew from that point that I was never alone and he was there looking after me.

As so it has been all these years, with Mum now there on the other side also comforting me and guiding when needed.

Those whispers from Spirit we often ignore. We close ourselves off to the truth of it, either not wanting to believe or not trusting our own heart.

If anything, these last few years I have had more trust in my heart than ever before and it has changed my life. This trust needs to be there also for those whispers we receive from our loved ones. They have our back. They are there with a bigger view of the picture than us and with a no fear perspective.

So today, on my fathers  93rd I say Happy Birthday Dad and thanks for the message of love.


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