When Did Life Stop Being Fun?

As I approach the age of 60 next year, so many things are shifting and changing.

  • My priorities are different.
  • My needs are different.
  • My desires are different.
  • My body, mind and energy are different.
  • The may I think about things is different.
  • My passions and purpose also feel like they are unfolding in a different way even though they are fundamentally the same.

One thing today that has also come to my attention to truly change and shift is the FUN level in my life! I had to ask myself today- When did life get so serious!! I rarely go out these days. I don’t get together for a laugh with friends very often. I bury myself in my work and am happy to spend time on my own, in the energy of my home, just being quiet, contemplating life and staying to myself.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with this lifestyle, after almost a decade of not really getting out into life and having fun I am ready to ask myself why and change it.

Just over a decade ago, I changed everything about my life. I was ready for a new adventure, to live a new dream, to accomplish different goals and to set up a different lifestyle for myself.

Looking back on that today when I asked the question about fun, and when I stopped having it, I was strongly reminded by my guides that I am a fun person, and I do have fun when I deliberately create those situations. The trouble is, I am creating them less and less now…


When Did You Stop Having Fun?

Did the fun stop when you decided that you didn’t want to be around people anymore,

Or did the fun stop when you found yourself alone.

Did the fun stop when you couldn’t get your new business off the ground, nor the 3 after that,

Or did it stop because that’s all you focused on?

Did the fun stop when another relationship failed and you found yourself back where you started with a broken and closed heart,

Or did it stop during the relationship because of the pressure you put on yourself to make it work this time.

Did the fun stop because you worked tirelessly to succeed,

Or did it stop because you didn’t think you deserved to have fun because of all the failures.

Did the fun stop because you were reckless with money,

Or did it stop because you were punishing yourself for this longstanding mindset.

Did the fun stop because you locked yourself away,

Or did it stop because of the internal shame you felt about your life.

Did the fun stop because of what you were taught growing up about working hard,

Or did it stop because working hard started to consume you.

Did the fun stop because you made yourself too busy helping others to live their best life,

Or did it stop because that was draining your energy.

Did the fun stop because you are on your own,

Or did it stop because you got sick of being on your own when doing things.

Did the fun stop because you simply became complacent,

Or did it stop because you forgot how to have fun.


As I sat by the beach this morning all these thoughts came rushing in and they all make sense. There are many things I am unsure of right now but one thing I do know is this: I am a fun person, and it is time to make life fun again. For me.

Perhaps this lead up to my 60th is teaching me that fun IS the way to success and as a beautiful friend and mentor reminded this week- joy is the opening to all you desire.

So fun, the way that it resonates with me, is now back on the agenda. A deliberate effort is required, and I am up for the task. In joy and delight, and a willingness to make the effort to leave the house and discover the fun that is out there waiting. There is nothing to be ashamed of in my life, nothing to regret and certainly nothing to keep punishing myself for. I deserve a fun life and its time to have it!

I hope you find your fun too!


Trish xo