What Do You REALLY Want? | 3 Ways To Truly Understand What It Is You Want & Transform The Wishing Into Feeling

  • What do you want?
  • What do you desire right now?
  • Do you know why you are asking for these things or does it simply just feel good to be wanting them?

It makes a difference to understand the energy behind what you ask for. If it is coming from short term pleasure then that thing you are asking for will not bring permanent joy, freedom, happiness or any other emotion you wish to feel.

If you are asking from a space of lack, you are energetically blocking everything you desire and actually bringing more of the lack.

In this video I discuss 3 ways you can truly understand what it is you want and why.

  1. 1st step is to write down what it is you want. Those physical possessions, the relationships, the health etc.
  2. The 2nd step is to look at all of those things you have written and ask yourself this: How will I feel when I have that thing? What IS the feeling behind the desire?
  3. The last step is to rewrite, or write a new list, of the way you desire to FEEL. I suggest doing a list of ‘present time’ feelings and you can do this by imagining you already have what you want, then write a list like
  • I feel so supported in this new relationship
  • I feel so healthy with my new dietary plan
  • I feel so great in my job/career and know I make a difference
  • I feel like so much joy driving my new car!

Whatever it is for you, imagine you are ALREADY there and FEELING what you are feeling.

This list is a valuable tool for you to live by. It will help you understand why you want what you want, will assist you in making decisions based on how you will feel and will also enable you to look at other areas of life where you are ALREADY feeling these things so that you can be in a state of abundance rather than lack.

Have fun with it. Know you are worthy of everything you ask for. Take some time where you wont be disturbed and bring your manifestations to life this year in 2020, starting right here, now.