What Colour Is YOUR World Right Now?

I was going through some photos today looking for something and I came across 2 photos that really stood out for me.

Nothing in this lifetime is random, even though it feels like coincidence quite often! Every thought we have, every question we ask, every request or prayer we send out- it is all coming back in magical ways.

Just like these 2 photos ‘magically’ appeared today.

I looked at them both, one from when I was 7 or 8, and the other at 28. A 20 year progression, gap, growth.

When I took a closer look I asked the question:

What is the difference between these 2 images? Apart from the obvious age difference?

It can all be seen in the eyes. One set are hiding, the other shining.

www.trishrock.com school

The school photo really brought home to me today when I got scared of shining, got scared of showing who I was and withdrew somewhat into the the depths of my soul.

I can see in my eyes that I am hiding….something…me…

I think it was around that age that I had some very confronting and embarrassing experiences that taught me to ‘not stand out’, ‘not stand up’ and basically ‘dont shine more than anyone else’.

The withdrawal got more intense in my teens.

But this is also where the magic happened. Withdrawal taught me how to express myself on paper in word, thought and image which is now allowing me to shine and help others to shine.

It was today when I saw these images that I realised the old patterns of fear of standing up or out still play in my mind. But today, I have let that go. None of them are true. They are only what I thought they were and I have a different perspective on them now.

In the other photo, at age 28, I was  married for the second time and had a successful salon business. I felt invincible and was manifesting a great life (unconsciously!). My eyes here are telling the truth of Joy, of passion, of wonder.

An interesting fact though was here, at this age, even though I was creating a gorgeous life, I still only shone to a certain extent before I would withdraw.

When I saw the books on the shelf behind me in the school image I was drawn to the title: What colour is your world?

Here is the book cover and description:




An imaginative and inspiring picture book that encourages children to look at colour and think about how it affects the world around them.


Interesting that I now have a business that colour plays a vital role in! I also found it fascinating I noticed that book title but then noticed I was almost in black/white or sepia. The Universe sending me strong messages here today!

This is the child to do inner work with. This will be the child I embrace and let her know she can shine now. This is the little girl I will love and let her know she is safe, loved and brilliant.

www.trishrock.com colours shining

What is it for you right now in life that holds you back?

What colour is your world right now?

Is it the sepia of hiding away or the brilliant blue of expression, Truth and bliss?

As soon as we make a decision to move past old fears, to step up, to BE better and to become more, the Universe delivers the perfect messages for us that help in the process. Are you seeing them?

Its time for us all to shine our beautiful Light at BE the colour of the world. No matter what age we are…right now is the perfect time.

The important thing is to feel safe while you expand and this requires others around you to support and lift, as well as understand exactly where you are and who you BE.

Do you have supporters?

I feel right now in the evolution of human life and the expansion of our energy experience here on this planet, we are being encouraged and given the perfect circumstances to show up in our Truth. There are more and more people doing the same which means we can be well supported.

What colour is your  world right now?

I wish for you to have sunshine flowing through your day and cells and for your life to be a rainbow of colour!

Breathe in deeply and close your eyes for a moment…..can you feel the power you have in you? The power to choose this moment? The power to BE.


Love x